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2016 Note to Self


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Dear T,

As one year closes & a new one begins. stop. reflect. now tell yourself that there are always going to be good years, bad years, sad years, happy years. It’s what you make of them that counts. The ups and downs will test you, break you, and make you. What was this year to you? & what do you want to change for the future? Here’s my suggestions to you:

Number 1- Turn to God. His will is always more than your wants. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.” Psalm 32:8 When your lost, pray. pray. then pray some more.

Laugh.. laugh more than you cry. Laugh so much it hurts. laugh at the small things and the big things. Sometimes you can get caught up in a moment.. and don’t let it get the best of you.

It’s okay to be scared. Scared of change, scared of the future. The life you’ve known for the past 4 1/2 years is gone… but when you get to where you are going, you’ll back on all your worries and smile (just like your brother Ford always tells you).

Money, material things, clothes, cars, shoes, jewelry, homes.. that won’t buy you happiness. It’s your faith, family, education, love, & health that you’ll find happiness in. The things that bring you joy may come and go, and your interests may shift, that’s okay. You’ll grow, you’ll learn, and you’ll change. As long as you are true to yourself, values, and heart that’s all that matters. Be your best self. Be the best you. & as your mom says, “Never forget where you came from.”

Try new food! You never know what might surprise you. but when it comes to sushi, just remember you hate sushi, and it never deserves a 2nd chance 😉 Make it a goal to eat a bowl of ice cream twice a week. It’s your main indulgence, and indulging is good for the soul. Find a new favorite wine. cause we all know wine is good.. really good. & please start using your cookbooks… your husband is gonna want to come home and kiss the cook.. all that snacking is bad for you anyways.

Light candles. You love candles!! They are heart-warming and keep your senses fresh.

Join a book club. Even if it’s just with one other person! Books are a great escape from reality.

Make your health, well-being, skin, and diet a priority. When you’re 40, you’ll thank me. Beauty comes from within, but it’s always nice to feel good & comfortable with yourself. p.s.- if you don’t make to the gym everyday, don’t beat yourself up.

Set old, negative habits free and welcome new ones. You know all the ones I am talking about…. It’s a new year, with a fresh start. Make the most of it!!

Say Goodbye to 2016 & Hello to 2017.


your true self

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  1. Kallie Kleinschmidt

    January 2, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    T, I absolutely love coming to your site everyday and seeing your post! Thank you for everything you do, and thank you for always having a positive mindset!! I wish you only the best for the new year!!

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