Blush Sweater!

Sweater  \\ Jeans \\ Heels \\ Handbag \\ Watch \\ Bracelets \\ Ring \\ Earrings

I am writing this post from my warm, cozy bed.. with a bag of gummy bears sitting beside me, Oslo passed out on the other side, & a mini heater running!  I’ve been curled up here all night online shopping (more like browsing because I haven’t bought anything yet) and all these spring colors have me ready for some warmer weather! One color I have really been into is this blush pink! I feel like my closet is slowly turning into neutrals.. idk what’s gotten into me! maybe when the sun starts coming out more, my color palette will change 😉

as of now I don’t have that many new, life updates! I am slowly getting ready for the Miss KY pageant! I’ve got most of my stuff together & now I am just practicing last minute details! It’s going to be here before I know it! I’ll share my headshots soon, along with some more details!


Grey, Casual Vibes

Sweater H&M  |  Jeans Zara  |  Heels Louboutin  |  Sunglasses Prada  |  Bracelets Baublebar

Happy Monday pretties!!! Hope this week is off to a good start!

I’m sharing an easy outfit to re-create today! Just a simple grey sweater, skinny jeans, and some heels! It’s a casual, cute, simple look!

Lately all I’ve only been wanting to wear sweaters and jeans.. It’s like everywhere I go I throw on a sweater.. Every store I walk in, I buy a sweater! I guess it’s just that season.. although I have slowly started shopping for some spring clothes! Even ordered a swimsuit 😉 just as it gets colder here, I start wishing for warmer weather!

Have a great day!!! <3


Casual Vday Dress & Accessories

Dress RomwePurse Tory BurchShoes ExpressRing Baublebar  \ Choker Necklace Argento Vivo \ Earrings Hint of Gold

I am wrapping up my mini Valentine series with this adorable, grey, bell-sleeved dress! It’s the perfect mix of casual & cute! Since V-Day is 19 days away I thought why not tie red & pink into this look!? However, it would also look great with some casual sneakers, like the Adidas Superstars or Black Booties! I love a good, simple dress because it’s easy to accessorize in any way you want! I consider this lil number a staple piece! I’m going to wear it into spring with scarves and flats!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

xoxo, T


Valentine Date Night Ideas!

I love a good dress you can twirl in… & swirl… & dance!!! I’m linking some of my favorite ones below!! They are all great for a Valentine date night!

Date Night Ideas:

  1. 50 Shades Darker- ok.. y’all know I had to say this one! & I have a confession – I read all the books in like 3 days.. guilty, but true! I have a rule, if you read the book, you see the movie! so I guess I’m caving/begging C to take me!
  2. Wine & Cheese Picnic- such a “Cheesy” date night (no pun intended)
  3. Stay In- Cook, Do a Puzzle, & Munch on Brownies– I could totally be into this!! sometimes simple is best!
  4. Take a Brewery Tour/Visit a Winery- Excursions are great for Vday! Makes for a fun, romantic getaway!
  5. Dance Class- Still trying to convince C to do this one with me!
  6. Play strangers in your own town- this could actually be really fun!! wander to spots you’ve never been!
  7. Roadtrip- yep, I said it.. just get away!
  8. Play board games all night- I am kinda drawn to this one! I would love to sit around playing my old games with C.. of course I’m super competitive.. & it’s Valentines day.. so he should let me win
  9. Spa Day!!!! Valentine’s Day gives you an excuse to treat yourself
  10. Host a Dinner Party!

who knows what my Valentine’s Day will entail! let’s see what C has up his sleeves (or what I plan!)

t-minus- 20 days!

xoxo, T


p.s.- I love to knit!



Sweater \\ Ripped Denim Jeans \\ Booties \\ Scarf- Similar one HEREHERE & HERE \\ Purse \\ Earrings \\ Lipstick

Finallyyyyy…. I introduce to you my knitted scarf!!! (This post is one I have been wanting to share for a while now!)

I took my “before” pics back at the end of December & last Friday I finally got to shoot some pics with my FINISHED, FINALIZED scarf!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been knitting. My grandma from Norway (we called her Bestemor) taught me at a young age. Since then it’s been tradition that I knit a new scarf every season! Just happens this year the knitted, chunky ones are very in style! I went with a cream colored yarn because it goes with almost anything! I am a huge fan of the color on color style right now, so I’ve been living in shades of cream! If you are in need of some style inspiration I suggest pairing whites and creams together or wearing black on black! super chic & fun!!

For all my girls wanting to learn how to knit out there I suggest THIS youtube vide & THIS one! Now that I’ve been knitting for a while I’m trying out crochet! I’ll let ya know how it goes!


Heart Dress

Dress The Shopping Bag  Shoes Converse  Ring Baublebar

**this post is c/o of The Shopping Bag!!

When I first got the dress in the mail I about flipped!!! It’s sooooo cute I can’t even stand it!! I remember I immediately posted an instastory opening the box <3 right after that I stocked The Weather Channel app to see when it was going to warm up & I could squeeze this look in! Fortunately, the weather here in KY has a mind of it’s own and has been in the 50’s & 60’s — perfect for this cotton dress!! I am going to be rockin it from now until Valentine’s Day!! I like wearing converses & going with super casual lookl! You could also pair some booties with it, adidas sneakers, or lace up flats!! for all my comfy gals out there, this dress needs to hop in your closet!! no questions asked 😉 It’s a forever Valentine favorite!

p.s.- “A Happy Heart Makes the Face Cheerful” Proverbs 15:13


Red Scallop Dresses

Dress  |  Heels  |  Purse  |  Bracelet Stack

Happy Monday y’all! It’s a fresh start, to a new week, & I am officially starting a countdown to the next big holiday, Valentine’s Day! I shot some cute date night/’gal’lentine looks for y’all this weekend & can’t wait to share! I am starting off with all the red scallop dresses I could find!

I like the simplicity of a red dress & statement heels! Sang one of these ^, pair it with leopard, & you’ve got yourself a new look! Sometimes I am hesitant to wear the color red because it reminds me of 3 things. 1. Christmas 2. Georgia Bulldogs (our rival) & 3. Hearts, Hearts, & more Hearts… but since February 14th is centered around red, it’s time I warm up to the color & rock it this season! what do y’all think!?

p.s.- what’s is your favorite Valentine memory!? // what is the perfect date or ‘gal’entine night??? I am going to be sharing mine this week, along with some fun suggestions!!

xoxo, T


Plaid Fringe Shawl

Plaid Fringe Shawl The Shopping Bag  |  Denim Jeans J.Crew  |  Booties Steve Madden  |  Purse Tory Burch  |  Monogram Necklace Argento Vivo  |  Link Bracelet Baublebar  |  Ring Julia Marie  | Watch Michael Kors

ok y’all… look closely.. now look again.. CAN YOU SEE THE RAIN!?  yes, my mom & battled some weather to get this look, but I was sooooo excited about it & couldn’t wait to share!

I own multiple plaid scarves and shawls but none like this one! It has special slits sewn in for your arm and added pockets! The back is shorter than the front panels which makes for a more flattering look in my opinion! Plus, it takes away from some of the bulkiness that capes tend to have!  I promise if you are into blanket scarves, you’ll love this shawl 59720x more!!!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Today’s post was sponsored by: The Shopping Bag


Gingham Dress

DRESS c/o of Make Me Chic  BOOTS Steve Madden  PURSE Kate Spade  RING Baublebar  EARRINGS Tory Burch

A little life update.. I’ve been in Athens the past couple of days, shooting with Red Dress Boutique! (btw, there are so many cute clothes coming soon! many items have been added to my spring wishlist). After working, I drove back yesterday, around 5, got stuck in horrible traffic, and didn’t make it home until 12 AM!! I’m exhausted to say the least! I was planning on sleeping in, but my sleep schedule is still on Eastern time!

Tonight we are celebrating my dada’s birthday! My mom is cooking & we order the cutest cake ever! Follow me on snapchat & I’ll be sure to post some pics of it!

Now.. onto this adorable, plaid, gingham dress! this post was sponsored my make Me Chic! They sent me this lil number & I’m obsessed! It’s cute to wear right now with over-the-boots & with sandals in the spring! I know it’s another one of my looks with ruffles, but this is seriously soooooo cute! It fits a little tighter so I would suggest sizing up! I am wearing a small but it hugged my midsection area. I am use to wearing baggier things & this switched it up on me!

If you have any question, shoo….. Have a great day!!!!



Limelight use code: TORUNN20 for 20% off |  Top  | Moto Leggings

 okay.. real talk though.. how many of y’all use snapchat? how many of y’all use instagram? how many of y’all send pics to friends & family?  now… the real question, how many selfies do you take a day? be honest…. Realistically, I probably take 30 on snapchat & multiple ones throughout the week on my Insta story.. However, they just got 3852580x times better!!! all because of LimeLight & it’s radiance! This simple clip-on light adds a glow to all your selfies & front face pics! It’s crazy how a ring of light does wonders to all your features!

I first saw these when my cousin Kyleigh had a lighted phone case. She complained that it died quickly & turning the light on & off made it worse. Shortly after, Limelight contacted me and I immediately thought, “this is way better than the phone case! I gotta try it!”  It clips on the top of your phone, has an adjustable dial for the light (like a brightness scale), & is charged by a USB port! So.. for all my selfie queens out there, this is what you need!!! They can also make for great presents & with the 20% off coupon it’s hard to beat!

so… if you’re out & about & you ever see me with my limelight on.. or you follow me on social media, keep in mind how much I love this lighted selfie ring!!! It’s so good!!!