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Dress \\ OTK Boots \\ Tassel Earrings

Yayyy!!!! Happy Friday y’all!!    As of right now I don’t have any crazy plans for the weekend but who knows where I’ll end up! I am itching to travel.. I know I’ve told y’all this a million times, but I’ve been bitten by the travel bug… it’s a serious problem!! I looked up flights to Boston & D.C. but never pulled the trigger.. so maybe I will just look forward to my NYC trip in February 😉

on another note, I’ve been in an OTK boot & dress phase. My mom says every week, “that’s your favorite thing to wear, isn’t it?” I nod my head & say, “yep!” because it really is! Flowy dresses are so comfortable and they make a statement on their own! This floral one is on sale for $20!! My cousin just bought it and I told her we were going to be twins! y’all can join us 🙂

&&& if you are feeling ‘florally’ here are some of my other favorites! You can shop them by clicking on the pic!

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