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beYOUtiful tee

I shared this look a couple weeks ago on my instagram account but I’m just now getting around to featuring it on the blog! thnx for being patient 😉 😉

I teamed up with WildBlue Denim to bring y’all this look (& Oslo too)!!  I told my followers that I feel like this tee was made just for me! Ever since I started my blog I’ve tried to keep my theme in mind… “beYOUtiful” I feel like so often we get caught up in the world around us that we forget what it’s like to truly love ourselves. Even I am guilty of it… tbh, the start of 2017 wasn’t all that I had imagined.. I’ve had some ups & downs already.. ones that have tested me, questioned my faith, uncontrolablly doubt myself, and taught me how to cope with judgement & criticism. What I’ve really learned is that no matter what people think of you or how you are perceived on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Taylor Swift once said, “people throw rocks at things that shine.” y’all… let them throw rocks!!!!! you just stay true to yourself, your values, your hopes, your dreams, and just beYOUtiful. be YOU!!!!!! ok.. I am going to say it again… seriously, be you, be you, be you… God created us with unique characteristics.. we’re not all suppose to be alike or enjoy the same things.. how boring would it be if we were all just beautiful? so I prefer being beYOUtiful <3

Oslo & I love you guys!!! xoxoxo, T

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