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 okay.. real talk though.. how many of y’all use snapchat? how many of y’all use instagram? how many of y’all send pics to friends & family?  now… the real question, how many selfies do you take a day? be honest…. Realistically, I probably take 30 on snapchat & multiple ones throughout the week on my Insta story.. However, they just got 3852580x times better!!! all because of LimeLight & it’s radiance! This simple clip-on light adds a glow to all your selfies & front face pics! It’s crazy how a ring of light does wonders to all your features!

I first saw these when my cousin Kyleigh had a lighted phone case. She complained that it died quickly & turning the light on & off made it worse. Shortly after, Limelight contacted me and I immediately thought, “this is way better than the phone case! I gotta try it!”  It clips on the top of your phone, has an adjustable dial for the light (like a brightness scale), & is charged by a USB port! So.. for all my selfie queens out there, this is what you need!!! They can also make for great presents & with the 20% off coupon it’s hard to beat!

so… if you’re out & about & you ever see me with my limelight on.. or you follow me on social media, keep in mind how much I love this lighted selfie ring!!! It’s so good!!!

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