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Valentine Date Night Ideas!

I love a good dress you can twirl in… & swirl… & dance!!! I’m linking some of my favorite ones below!! They are all great for a Valentine date night!

Date Night Ideas:

  1. 50 Shades Darker- ok.. y’all know I had to say this one! & I have a confession – I read all the books in like 3 days.. guilty, but true! I have a rule, if you read the book, you see the movie! so I guess I’m caving/begging C to take me!
  2. Wine & Cheese Picnic- such a “Cheesy” date night (no pun intended)
  3. Stay In- Cook, Do a Puzzle, & Munch on Brownies– I could totally be into this!! sometimes simple is best!
  4. Take a Brewery Tour/Visit a Winery- Excursions are great for Vday! Makes for a fun, romantic getaway!
  5. Dance Class- Still trying to convince C to do this one with me!
  6. Play strangers in your own town- this could actually be really fun!! wander to spots you’ve never been!
  7. Roadtrip- yep, I said it.. just get away!
  8. Play board games all night- I am kinda drawn to this one! I would love to sit around playing my old games with C.. of course I’m super competitive.. & it’s Valentines day.. so he should let me win
  9. Spa Day!!!! Valentine’s Day gives you an excuse to treat yourself
  10. Host a Dinner Party!

who knows what my Valentine’s Day will entail! let’s see what C has up his sleeves (or what I plan!)

t-minus- 20 days!

xoxo, T

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