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Blush Sweater!

Sweater  \\ Jeans \\ Heels \\ Handbag \\ Watch \\ Bracelets \\ Ring \\ Earrings

I am writing this post from my warm, cozy bed.. with a bag of gummy bears sitting beside me, Oslo passed out on the other side, & a mini heater running!  I’ve been curled up here all night online shopping (more like browsing because I haven’t bought anything yet) and all these spring colors have me ready for some warmer weather! One color I have really been into is this blush pink! I feel like my closet is slowly turning into neutrals.. idk what’s gotten into me! maybe when the sun starts coming out more, my color palette will change 😉

as of now I don’t have that many new, life updates! I am slowly getting ready for the Miss KY pageant! I’ve got most of my stuff together & now I am just practicing last minute details! It’s going to be here before I know it! I’ll share my headshots soon, along with some more details!

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