Floral Tunic Dress

Tunic Dress \\ Shoes \\ Purse \\ Earrings

ok, so before I talk about this dress.. let me talk about these shoes!! I am obsessed with them!!! I was out running errands yesterday and Dillards had them in Navy. Of course I tired them on & fell in love!!! Either color you can’t go wrong!

Now.. for the dress! I wore this out & about on my birthday a couple weeks ago! I am in love with the floral prints this season! Seriously.. I feel like everything I buy is floral.. aside from that, the tunic dresses are awesome too!! They make you just wanna twirl LOL – if you know what I mean 😉


Daniel Wellington Watch

Watch c/o of  David Wellington

use code: TORUNN for 15% off your purchase

Jeans \  White Top \  Shoes \ Ring & Bracelet

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s post is brought to you my new favorite Watch Brand, David Wellington! They have so many great watch options, but I went with the Dapper, 34MM, Sheffield. I own some other gold watches so I decided to get the silver face on this watch and it has blue hands that add the perfect little touch to your arm party! I’m really excited to wear this all season long! It’s a timeless, elegant watch and goes with so many of my outfits!

as always, let me know if you have questions! xoxo, T


Road to Miss Kentucky <3

Crop Top Two-Piece Ball Gown Glamour by Terani Couture

Well, today is the day!!!! I have been counting down this moment for a while now & it’s hard to imagine that it is finally here! I am off to Bowling Green to compete in the Miss Kentucky United States pageant. It’s been a long road of preparation! let me tell ya.. from dresses, walking, shoes, fitness, and interview prep I have spent countless hours getting ready for this moment!

I’m honored and thankful to be representing Henderson County! This experience has brought so much excitement to my life and I can’t wait to meet all the women, create lifelong friendships, and make memories I’ll cherish forever!

side note– I am going to do my best to keep y’all updated on my social media accounts throughout the weekend!!! Please send good vibes, love, and prayers my way!

I also wanted to share some  motivational quotes I have been turning to!

  • God is with her, she will not fall – Psalm 46:5
  • “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for you life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey
  • “Beauty is not flawless, it shines even through your flaws.”
  • “Love yourself for who you are.”
  • “Being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be”
  • “Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people.”
  • “Your future is as bright as your faith”


Thanks to all my followers for supporting me on this journey! You mean the world to me and have made all my dreams possible! xoxo, T


Henderson Riverfront

Sweater (here it is in Olive & Tan) | Jeans  | EspadrillesSunglasses  | Purse (lightly used similar one) | Lipstick

Today’s post was shot down by the riverfront, in downtown Henderson. This is one of the most popular places in our town! So many people love to exercise on the ‘river run’ or walk the path with their dogs! Our riverfront has a picturesque scenery and a couple parks down it! The bridge in the background is used just for trains and transportation. However, during the sprint, summer, and fall months you are sure to see people using the Ohio River for recreation.

A slogan Henderson is known for is “On the Ohio, but Never In It”. This is because the last major flood we experienced was in 1937 (when Ripley’s Believe It or Not contacted local authorities asking for an ariel view of our city). Currently Henderson is 400 feet above sea level and covers 17.9 square miles.

ok.. I think y’all had enough fun facts for the day! On to the outfit… there’s really not much to say besides this is my favorite sweater of all time!! Back details on point (as us bloggers would say)!


Planter’s Cafe & Coffee Shop

Sweater // Jeans // Flats // Purse // Watch // Bracelets // Monogrammed Necklace

Happy Hump Day!

I have been saving this post just for a Wednesday because if you are from Henderson you know that Wednesday’s & Planters = the BEST potato soup ever!

Growing up I always looked forward to my mid-week soup… my mom & I have tried for years to make Potato Soup like they do but we can never quite get it right!

Recently, Planter’s has underwent some new changes and management… but it’s never stopped serving my favorite soup of all time! If I’m in town on a Wednesday I always try my best to stop in! This time I even had a fruit bowl & Chai Tea Latte 😉 mhmm, mhmm good!!

I feel like this look was perfect for a coffee/lunch date with my mom! I tied it together with Tory Burch accessories & called it a day!!

p.s.- I love traditions!


Whims n’ Wishes (aka- moms paint studio)

Dress \\ Shoes \\ Purse \\ Pearl Earrings \\ Watch

Some of my readers may recognize Whims N’ Wishes in the background, while many of you don’t! So let me fill you in. My mom had this dream of starting her own business a couple years back when my brother and I left for college. She is seriously the most creative person I know so when she mentioned the idea of opening a paint studio our whole family was very supportive. Now she travels around the state to offer paint classes and holds them here locally. You can check out some of her designs on instagram @whimsandwishes

This place is special in my heart because it’s not only family run but it’s home is Henderson too! Being from a small town there’s not much to do, but Whims n’ Wishes makes for a fun evening out!

Hope y’all enjoyed reading this post about one of my favorite places in Henderson!

xoxo, T


Henderson, Kentucky

White Top  |  Leather Jeggings  |  OTK Boots  |  Tassel Earrings  |  Bracelet  |  Lipstick  |  Purse

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

This week I am sharing some posts about where I am from & my favorite local spots!

To kick the mini series off I decided to shoot this look right in the heart of downtown Henderson! Kind of a funny story my, mom and I dodged some traffic between the lunch hour and 5 P.M… but we had fun doing it, so that’s all that really matters, right?

Here are some fun facts about Henderson!

  • It’s located on the Ohio River.
  • It is locally known as the ‘Tri-State Area”
  • In the 18th century Henderson hired Daniel Boone to survey the land
  • Before WWI Henderson was said to have more billionaires per capita than any other city in the world.
  • Our first post office was established in 1801
  • W.C. Handy use to live in Henderson. Each year we offer one of the largest outdoor free concerts in the U.S. in honor of him.
  • A few scenes from the League of Their Own were filmed in downtown Henderson.
  • One of our main attractions is John James Audubon Park.
  • We are known for one of our Horse Parks, Ellis Park, formerly named Dade Park.
  • The only major sporting event we have ever held was in 1994 and it was the Bambino World Series.
  • Nearly 10,000 acres of our city is wetland.
  • Henderson ranks in Kentucky’s Top 3 corn and soybean producers.
  • We are a major producer of coal.
  • We have eight elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school.

& the list could keep going! Hope you all enjoy today’s post!

Shop my look with the links above or by clicking on the pics below! This is top is one of my absolute favorites! The big bow is just gorgeous & the bell sleeves are adorable!


What I learned in my 22’s

I am typing this out right now & thinking, “wow, am I really 23?” I feel like I was just turning 16 & 21.. now I am 23.. I tell so many people that as I get older I feel like time passes by quicker. Sometimes I just wish it would slow down. ya, feel me?

On another note 22 has been one of the best, but also toughest years of my life thus far. Yes, I got engaged & graduated, but with those things comes more responsibility. It means I am growing up, experiencing the real world, making life changing decisions, and figuring out who I really am.

So, here’s some things I learned, some things I need to work on, and some things I discovered about myself:

  • C told me the other day, “seriously.. just be yourself! stop caring what other people think” & he is so right.. I built this blog on what I believe in most, “being YOUrself!” I need to remember that! It’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing or how we look.. God made us all different for a reason.
  • Plans Can Change!!! gosh I am such a planner & if something goes South, I panic.. I can’t help it though. It’s who I am and how I function.
  • My best friends and I can do anything and everything, or nothing at all, and still have the best time! It’s the little moments that count and the big ones we remember! This year I have really discovered my true friends and the ones that will be around forever.
  • Turn to God in the good times.. It’s easy to pray when things are wrong or bad news erupts, but it’s what we say in the good times that really counts! I remember praying to God so much last year, asking him for all my wishes. Then once they happened I slowly stopped thanking him. let me honest, I am a Christian and I sin, it’s part of what makes me human. But this year I learned that his plan is greater than mine and I should start turning to him everyday of my life. All glory be to him and where I am today!
  • Stop & love on your dog more. This year I was soooo, sooo busy! I was constantly running around with school, work, and travels that when I got home I was still going a mile a minute. I would throw down my bag, start cooking, get out my laptop, send some snaps.. all while never loving on Oslo enough. I started thinking, I am Oslo’s whole world and his whole entire life… One day he won’t be around for me to love on him, so I need to cherish him jumping on me when I walk through the door!
  • Take better care of your skin… In my 22’s I kid you not, I started noticing my first wrinkles and texted my mom about it! Now, I am telling myself to stop getting so much sun, wash my face every night, exfoliate often, use masks, and properly hydrate it… My young self never really took care of my skin, but in my 23’s that is one thing I am changing!
  • Cooking is fun! these past couple months (especially after graduation) I have really found joy in whipping up dinner in the kitchen! In college I would live off JIF Whips, goldfish, bananas, and cereal.. now I know how much I enjoy actually making what I call ‘real’ food!
  • It can take years to build someone’s trust… and seconds for one to destroy it…
  • Either you control your attitude, or it controls you! I’ve learned my outlook on situations is the exact way I feel towards them. If I’m negative, the situation is probably going to be negative. If I’m positive, the situation is probably going to be positive. It’s 110% what you make of it!
  • Perfection isn’t fun… nobody is perfect & why do we try to be… It’s okay to screw up.. but I need to say sorry more. (definitely one thing I am going to work on)
  • My background influences where and who I am… but I’m beyond responsible for who I become!

It’s taken me a long time to be the person I’ve wanted to be! However, there’s always flaws I can work on, challenges I can set for myself, and new goals I want to achieve. My mom got me a ‘Bucket List’ notebook for Valentine’s Day & I am going to fill out today! When I turn 24 I am going to reflect on everything I wrote and what I have checked off! Although I have a lot of years ahead of me, the more I age, the more I learn, appreciate, and love!

22 was good. 23 is going to be great!

xoxo, T


Southern Shirt

this post is c/o of Southern Shirt! shop my TEE HERE

So when I am not getting fixed up I am living in sweats! & on casual days my favorite things to wear are these Southern Shirt, long sleeve tees! They are the softest shirts ever & are extremely comfortable! I am huge fan of almost all of their products! They make the best quality tops  & I always fall in love with whatever it is I am wearing from them!!

I picked the coral one this time because it’s a great spring color! The metallic gold also makes the logo shine & it adds a lil spunk to the shirt! soooo adorable, in my opinion! <3

as always, shoot me a message or comment if you have any questions!

Hope y’all have a fabulous day! love, T


My Gals in NYC

Coat | Top | Jeans | Scarf | Shoes | Purse | Earrings | Lipstick

(some of the things I am wearing sold out, so I’m linking similar items!)

My trip to NYC was cut short.. but that didn’t stop us gals from having a fabulous time!!!! So for all those of you wondering, here is what we did:

  • Dinner at BARRACA– located near Greenwich Village this Tapa & Wine restaurant was excellent! I had a shrimp dish, some type of flatbread, and delicious cheese! They also came out & sang Happy Birthday to Taylor & I 😉
  • Comedy Show at GREENWICH VILLAGE COMEDY CLUB– Last fall when we went to New York we saw a show on Broadway.. this time we wanted to switch it up. We decided on a late night comedy show & it was great! so funny & a little change up from our usual excursions!
  • Brunch at BOQUERIA WINES AND TAPAS– walked in at 12:30.. stayed til 3:30!!! It was so good! The bottomless sangrias were excellent! It was $39 a person and you got family style tapas & the best churros for dessert!
  • Shopping in SOHO– known for the shopping, it never disappoints! We went to get Valentine’s gifts for the boys!
  • Dinner at GAONNURI– Taylor just returned from South Korea & was craving some Korean BBQ. She booked us reservations at this rooftop restaurant and it was fabulous! I enjoyed my first taste of SOJU, a hot bowl, and some Korean specialties.


Rachel- y’all all know Rach is my bestie for life! Met her in freshmen Chem class & the rest is kind of history. We roomed together our 3rd & 4th year of college and when she moved out after graduation I never realized how much I cherished her & our friendship. She’s my #1 gal, bff, & ‘person’! Life without her seriously wouldn’t be the same… makes me want everyone to have a “Rachel” in their life! \\\ p.s.- Rachel attends dental school in NYU.. told her I am only letting her take out my wisdom teeth 😉

Taylor- Tay has been a friend since freshmen year. She lived in the dorm next to mine & we would always meet up before we went out.. funny story, we road tripped to move her to Houston 2 summers ago. While we were there we experienced a hit & run.. turns out the cop was really hot!!! so we weren’t complaining lol — may have even snapped some pics of his bootay.. hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do! — Tay took a full time job with Exxon, so when she officially moves back to Houston I am going with her! road trips are the best in her car 😉

Elaine- Met this girl at freshmen orientation & we reconnected through ADPi! Y’all may not know this but I have my forward helix pierced. I would always call Elaine to come help me change it… then we would eat Peanut Butter & Oreos 🙂  She graduated this past December with me & is off to work in Minneapolis, for General Mills! can’t wait to visit her, in a new city, at her new job! \\\ also, I am obsessed with her hair & coloring so much that it makes me wanna switch mine up!