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What’s in my Carry-On for NYC?

ok.. real life, I started packing for New York (in my mind) since the moment I booked my ticket! I’m obsessed with NYC & have been since I visited there in Fall 2015 & 2 times when I was a kid! I’ve low key been trying to get C to move there.. he’s not budging.. but the good new is my bestie lives in Manhattan & I CAN NOT wait to see her! Monday morning I woke up and started rounding up my packing list! As I was trying to get everything to fit, I thought, “why not do a post for what’s in my carry-on?” so here it is! These are my go to travel items & make for smooth trips!

Card Holder Tory Burch– If you don’t have a card holder, you need one! These are so easy & convenient! I store my money in the middle compartment & cards on the outside! It’s light weight, compact, and easily accessible!

Sunglasses Prada – I have been wearing these non-stop! love, love, love them!!!!

Headphones Bose– I have tried my fair share of headphones.. and these are by far at the top of my list! They block out all the sound around you, are very comfortable in your ear, come with different size buds, and sound phenomenal!

MM Agenda Louis Vuitton– just snagged a new agenda for the year & I love it!! it’s compact & fits well in my bags! I’ve had big planners and pocket planners, but this one is great when it comes to size

Leopard Blanket Cozys Blankets- this blanket is so legit!!! It’s light weight, easy to roll up, and not a hassle to carry around! If y’all are like me then you get super cold on flights & always need an extra layer!

Camera Lens Canon– I always carry 2 different lens! Never know which one you might need!

Leopard Umbrella– cause we all wanna keep dry 😉

Phone Case Kate Spade– Protect your phone! There would be nothing worse than breaking your iPhone on a trip!

Reading Materials – Find Her \\ Barnes & Noble Nook

Just finished this Find Me book by Lisa Gardner and it was soooo good!! If you are mystery, suspenseful kind of reader this will be right up your alley!

Also, I’ve had my Nook for years… and it’s a great e-reader tablet! I like using it when I am on the road!

My go-to travel items! Hand Sanitizer, Gum, Advil, Mini Combo, Lotion, Hair Clip, Eyelash Curler, & mouthwash!! So many of these come in handy! & don’t forget the mini perfume! I wanna smell fresh when I arrive somewhere new!

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