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My Gals in NYC

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(some of the things I am wearing sold out, so I’m linking similar items!)

My trip to NYC was cut short.. but that didn’t stop us gals from having a fabulous time!!!! So for all those of you wondering, here is what we did:

  • Dinner at BARRACA– located near Greenwich Village this Tapa & Wine restaurant was excellent! I had a shrimp dish, some type of flatbread, and delicious cheese! They also came out & sang Happy Birthday to Taylor & I 😉
  • Comedy Show at GREENWICH VILLAGE COMEDY CLUB– Last fall when we went to New York we saw a show on Broadway.. this time we wanted to switch it up. We decided on a late night comedy show & it was great! so funny & a little change up from our usual excursions!
  • Brunch at BOQUERIA WINES AND TAPAS– walked in at 12:30.. stayed til 3:30!!! It was so good! The bottomless sangrias were excellent! It was $39 a person and you got family style tapas & the best churros for dessert!
  • Shopping in SOHO– known for the shopping, it never disappoints! We went to get Valentine’s gifts for the boys!
  • Dinner at GAONNURI– Taylor just returned from South Korea & was craving some Korean BBQ. She booked us reservations at this rooftop restaurant and it was fabulous! I enjoyed my first taste of SOJU, a hot bowl, and some Korean specialties.


Rachel- y’all all know Rach is my bestie for life! Met her in freshmen Chem class & the rest is kind of history. We roomed together our 3rd & 4th year of college and when she moved out after graduation I never realized how much I cherished her & our friendship. She’s my #1 gal, bff, & ‘person’! Life without her seriously wouldn’t be the same… makes me want everyone to have a “Rachel” in their life! \\\ p.s.- Rachel attends dental school in NYU.. told her I am only letting her take out my wisdom teeth 😉

Taylor- Tay has been a friend since freshmen year. She lived in the dorm next to mine & we would always meet up before we went out.. funny story, we road tripped to move her to Houston 2 summers ago. While we were there we experienced a hit & run.. turns out the cop was really hot!!! so we weren’t complaining lol — may have even snapped some pics of his bootay.. hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do! — Tay took a full time job with Exxon, so when she officially moves back to Houston I am going with her! road trips are the best in her car 😉

Elaine- Met this girl at freshmen orientation & we reconnected through ADPi! Y’all may not know this but I have my forward helix pierced. I would always call Elaine to come help me change it… then we would eat Peanut Butter & Oreos 🙂  She graduated this past December with me & is off to work in Minneapolis, for General Mills! can’t wait to visit her, in a new city, at her new job! \\\ also, I am obsessed with her hair & coloring so much that it makes me wanna switch mine up!

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