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Whims n’ Wishes (aka- moms paint studio)

Dress \\ Shoes \\ Purse \\ Pearl Earrings \\ Watch

Some of my readers may recognize Whims N’ Wishes in the background, while many of you don’t! So let me fill you in. My mom had this dream of starting her own business a couple years back when my brother and I left for college. She is seriously the most creative person I know so when she mentioned the idea of opening a paint studio our whole family was very supportive. Now she travels around the state to offer paint classes and holds them here locally. You can check out some of her designs on instagram @whimsandwishes

This place is special in my heart because it’s not only family run but it’s home is Henderson too! Being from a small town there’s not much to do, but Whims n’ Wishes makes for a fun evening out!

Hope y’all enjoyed reading this post about one of my favorite places in Henderson!

xoxo, T

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