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Henderson Riverfront

Sweater (here it is in Olive & Tan) | Jeans  | EspadrillesSunglasses  | Purse (lightly used similar one) | Lipstick

Today’s post was shot down by the riverfront, in downtown Henderson. This is one of the most popular places in our town! So many people love to exercise on the ‘river run’ or walk the path with their dogs! Our riverfront has a picturesque scenery and a couple parks down it! The bridge in the background is used just for trains and transportation. However, during the sprint, summer, and fall months you are sure to see people using the Ohio River for recreation.

A slogan Henderson is known for is “On the Ohio, but Never In It”. This is because the last major flood we experienced was in 1937 (when Ripley’s Believe It or Not contacted local authorities asking for an ariel view of our city). Currently Henderson is 400 feet above sea level and covers 17.9 square miles.

ok.. I think y’all had enough fun facts for the day! On to the outfit… there’s really not much to say besides this is my favorite sweater of all time!! Back details on point (as us bloggers would say)!

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