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Blush Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket  \\  Tee  \\  Shorts \\  Belt  \\  Shoes  \\ Purse  \\  Earrings  \\  Watch  \\ Ring  \\  Lipstick

I always say, “What goes around, comes around” and I think that’s true about fashion too! Like denim jackets for example! They are back and better than ever! I am finally hopping on board with this blush beauty! I saw it hanging in Target and just thought, “yep, I need that! It’s all mine!” Idk if y’all are like me but I always end up leaving target with things I really never need. I go in for goldfish and deodorant, I walk out with a jacket, 3 swimsuits, Easter decor, a new pillow, and greeting cards! Target always gets the best of me! In this case I’m not complaining! Cause I am obsessed with this jacket, the plaid shoes, and white belt! Sporting the Target Style head to toe!

Hope you all are having a great week!!

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