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I am finally finding time to sit down and write this blog post now that my emotions have settled! Clint & I haven’t stopped talking about this experience and how amazing it truly was!

Let me start from the beginning. Back in early February C & I kept going back and forth on his spring break plans. We tossed around going to Mexico, Napa, or Yosemite. With hotel rates, flights, and extra expenses we knew we waited around too late to book anything. This is when I decided to take matters in my own hands. I figured if we are going to be around KY for his spring break, why not arrange some fun excursion? When I was looking at things to do in Napa Valley one of the main attractions was hot air balloon rides. Since Napa was out of the question, I thought, “why not bring that Napa hot air ballon to us?” I googled ‘hot air balloons in Kentucky’ & SkyCab Balloon Promotions came up. From there I emailed Matt, got a ride set up, and managed to keep it all a secret.

Sunday afternoon they came to us & I surprised Clint!! I got the cutest video of us pulling up to the scene. Clint didn’t know what to say or do! He was shocked I planned something to this level! During the day I asked him, “what do you think the surprise is?” He said, “I thought it was going to be SEC tickets to watch KY play.”  I thought to myself, “This is WAYYY better, but I hope I don’t disappoint.” and I didn’t! He will tell ya, it was the best thing ever, even if you are scared of heights (like he is).

 We took off right from Clint’s land! It took about 20 minutes for them to get everything set up and our balloon ride was exactly 47 minutes! We floated over Paducah, KY  (a stretch of about 6 miles)! The view was amazing, the weather was beautiful, and the whole experience still has us in awe! I told Clint, “this is so similar to skydiving in a sense you get to taste/feel the sky.” Skydiving was a major adrenaline rush and the hot air balloon was a bit more relaxing. You get to really soak up the moment and live it out!

I highly recommend this to anyone!!! It truly is a once in a lifetime experience and is a memorable day you will cherish forever! SkyCab Balloons was beyond accommodating and were wonderful to work with! If you are in Kentucky definitely check them out!

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  1. Katie Ann

    March 15, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Torunn, this looks like an absolute BLAST!! I so need to add this to our bucket list. And you look adorable as always.

    Katie Ann

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