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White Blouses Galore

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If there was ever a season for white tops, this is it!!  To be more specific, White Blouses!! I’ve lost track of how many I’ve actually worn, but one thing is for sure… I’ve wanted them all! From bows, big sleeves, and ruffles there’s so many different styles to choose from!

If you are looking for a classic look I say wear them with denim jeans. Then switch it up and wear it with a skirt or colored shorts when the weather warms up! Another good thing about white tops is that you can accessorize them in almost any way!! Some days I’m feeling black earrings… others I am feeling hot pink.. remember, your jewelry and shoes can change an entire look! & that’s a good thing! You get your $$$’s worth

Now the real question.. which one is your favorite!? I’m feeling #6 and #7!!! they are so fun!!! 😉

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