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Desk (Mine is from Target (Sugar Paper company). Every time it’s restocked it sells out within minutes, so I am linking the exact one but different site)



Lamp Shades (Mine are from AT HOME, but linking almost identical ones!)

Fur Rug

Shelves & Hanging Rack (then sprayed them gold)

Pink Chairs

Side Table (similar one)

Designer Pillows

Hermes Tray (custom ordered this one)

Designer Candles

LV Mousepad

Audrey Hepburn Wood Canvas

Vogue Magazine Holder

Gold Balloon Dog

Other Details

Fur Slippers // Pink Hunter Rain Boots // Louis Vuitton Book // Kate Spade ‘Young Lady of Fashion’ Planner  // Black Romper (similar one)

I have been dying to share my new office space with you all!!! And when I say dying, literally dying! Life has been so crazy with work, shoots, and traveling that it’s been almost impossible to find a time to get some pics. I told myself this was the week though!! and here it is! I apologize in advance for the overload on pictures. There were so many I just wanted to share them all! & over time I am sure they will be all over my social media!

For starters, I have put so much effort in designing and decorating this little space of mine. (Not to mention assembling furniture — I put the entire desk & shelves together without any help– can ya tell I am proud!?) I am so beyond pleased with how it turned out! For about a week straight I went to every home store, came home with at least two bags, then returned whatever didn’t work. I can’t tell you how many times C asked, “are you going to return something again?” Eventually I just stopped answering and laughed!! He knew I was on a mission! and mission complete it is!

For this room I was inspired by a clean theme. I wanted to be able to walk in the room, sit down, and work without too many distractions! A space that I could be efficient in, but also have a super fun style! I kept my colors to white, golds, and pinks. All my accessories are little accents of designers I love! Those are the pieces that tied in the whole room and made all my blogger dreams come true!

In my cloffice (closet/office) I style, create, and blog. It’s the true behind the scenes of all my work. At that chair I write to y’all, at the gold clothing rack I pick out the weeks looks, at the shelves I style accessories, and on the rug Oslo is always my (sleeping) assistant. I think the white fur rug is his favorite!  He just curls right up on it and makes himself right at home.

This one little room has taught me to design the exact way you want, never settle (because in the end you won’t be happy), have a space that makes you feel right at home, express your creativity, and most of all enjoy the fun in decor! Styling a room allows you to unleash your ideas and create a place to your design standards!

Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have sharing it! Now you can each feel like you are in my office with me, on this beYOUtiful blog journey!

xoxo, T <3


2 ways to style a striped dress

Dress Eccentrics Boutique  Heels Louboutin  Lace-Up Flats Soludos  Purse Prada  Bracelets Bourbon & Boweties  Lipstick MAC

When I started styling this adorable dress I couldn’t decide on what shoes I wanted to wear for the life of me! That’s when I thought, “Ok, I am just going to show them two ways I would wear this!” One is a dressy look, the other is casual! Two looks for the price of one, can’t beat that!

The dress itself is beyond fabulous! The material is thick and it has a great liner. When you look at it it seems to be a blouse material. In a way it is but the fabric has a little more structure. I love that about this! Also, how cute are those front pleats!? I can’t get enough of them! The bow straps can also be tied around the back! I am such a girly girl that the more bows the better. I tied it in the front, around my waist, which gives you that hour glass shape!

Red accessories were my go-to! Something about red and navy just speaks to me!  I almost went with hot pink or teal! So you could try those too 😉 And if you are feeling adventurous I say grab a clutch and carry it! A purse always feminizes an outfit but a clutch tends to be a bit more casual!

Look #1: Heels

This look is inspired by two things: 1. workwear chic, 2. Sunday morning church. I think wearing heels with the dress spices it up and makes it dressy! I know it is definitely something I would wear to work or church!

Look #2: Flats

This is your casual day look! Whether you are grabbing lunch with a friend, running around town, or heading out to work on a Friday, I see flats with this dress!

*today’s post is c/o of Eccentrics Boutique — use code: BEYOU15 at checkout to receive a 15% discount (offer is valid until May 31st)


Blue Ruffled Blouse

Blue Blouse  Romwe  Shorts J.Crew   Shoes Steve Madden  Belt Target  Ring & Bracelets David Yurman

It’s hump day and we are halfway through the week (insert clap hand emoji). Yesterday, I made a last minute trip to Athens! I left around noon and got here in the evening! I’m going to be shooting with Red Dress for the next 3 days so like I always say, ‘”follow me along instagram and snapchat to see some behind the scenes!” I  like sharing my favorite things with you all and hearing your thoughts!

Speaking of favorite things this top is just too dang cute to handle! I am swooning over it! From the baby blue color, ruffled details, buttoned sleeves, and blouse material it’s all I could ever want in a top! I paired it with shorts and belt because the top was the perfect length to tuck in! I love an outfit combo that consists of a belt and a shirt tucked in! I think it’s clean and preppy! (such a huge fan!) & this look may very well be in my top 10! that’s how obsessed I am!

My shoes are also new! You should get use to seeing them because I have a feeling I am going to be wearing them a lot! The platform gives me some extra height without the hassle of wearing a wedge! They are also very comfortable and easy to throw on! Definitely recommend these to anyone asking!



Top | Shorts | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Lipstick

It’s one thing to shoot blog posts for y’all, but it’s another when my pup is involved! Oslo has such a mind of his own and he thinks he needs to stop and smell everything. I’ve learned that if I don’t take him out on a harness I can forget his attention. He literally stops at every bush, tree, acorn, leaf, and insect. I’m one of those #dogmoms that feels bad yanking on the collar so I just stand there and wait.. so I did a lot of just that when shooting this look, waiting..

For starters this tee is so comfortable! It’s made of that really soft, cotton material. Makes me want to never take it off and sleep in it (which I think I said yesterday in my insta-story!) For all those #dogmoms out there, it is a must!! I am also obsessed with these denim shorts! The little crochet detailing on the front makes them so cute!  As I wore them through out the day they had a little bit of stretch to them. At first they were kind of tight but they loosened up and I really liked that!

Graphic tees are really on trend right now and this one is my FAVORITE! I normally wear mine around town, running errands! I like to be comfy when I am out and about. This is one of those casual outfits I would throw on and go! Super easy and super cute!

** this post is c/o of Pamala’s Boutique! Shop their collection HERE


Embroidery Overlay Romper

Dress | Shoes | Earrings | Lipstick

It’s been a busy weekend! I have been going non-stop on decorating the balcony! C has a condo in Lex and for time being I am kinda making it home! not entirely sure how he feels about a woman’s touch but I think he is getting use to it! Plus I make up for my girly decorating with good cooking 😉 and that counts, right? Anyways.. back to the balcony! I literally made like 10 trips to Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, At Home, & Target in less than 36 hours. I was on a mission. Once I get hooked on something I can’t let it go, so I never came off that balcony this weekend! I am going to share some pics with y’all soon! I am proud of it! and honestly, I am so excited to sit out there and drink wine at night!

So, this romper maxi! I posted a pic of it on my Instagram Saturday and it was a huge hit! Many girls messaged me about ordering it for a bridal shower. I never thought about wearing it to a shower but that’s a great idea!! C also really liked this.. so I think it would make for a great night look!!!! It’s very flirty, fun, and kind of sexy if you ask me (but in a good way).  The material is a thin linen like material. Easy to steam ad doesn’t wrinkle super fast! The rose appliqué detail is kinda 3D. It’s sewn on and makes the perfect statement!!  You guys can mark this look as a new favorite of mine!


Nighttime Skin Routine with Enza Essentials

Today, for the first time ever, I am going to be discussing my skin care routine! I know I normally chat with y’all about clothes, fashion, and jewelry so this a little outside of my norm! However, I’ve received a couple questions about this topic over the past couple of months so I figured it was time to share! I am going to try to answer all the questions y’all have had and please let me know if you have any more.

Over the past year I have been trying to take better care of my skin. In my new years resolution post and the college letter I wrote to myself (blog post) I said, “I wish I took better care of my skin!”  Now, with Enza Essentials, I am feeling better than ever about my skin, especially around my facial area! I started using the Complete Sustaining System regimenabout a month ago and have slowly started seeing great results! I am going to take you all through a step-by-step night time routine. This way you can see what products I use, how I apply them, and what areas they target.

Step 1: Sustaining Cleanser 

This cleanser is a lightweight gel that lifts away the makeup and dirt from your skin. It helps maintain a natural level of moisture and softens the skin. I noticed after using this my skin is more smooth and feels very nourished.

Step 2: Fine Facial Polish

I use this product twice a week since it is a scrub. It contains rice bran that absorbs oil from your skin. The salicylic acid in the polish also helps exfoliate your pores. They say you can use this product as a mask but I haven’t yet! I bet it would be great to leave on a for a bit then scrub off!

Step 3: Cool Sustaining Toner

I highly recommend using a toner! This is a product that will help tone and texture your skin! It replenishes, brightens, and revitalizes your skin. I want smooth, blemish-free skin, so I use this constantly. I’ve noticed it helps balance my coloring, sun spots, and softens some scarring I have.

Step 4: Glycol Serum

The second to last steps helps offer a mild exfoliation. The serum includes aloe vera, vitamin A, and vitamin E. It works to refine your skin and hydrate it.

Step 5: Sustaining Glow Creme

I’ve heard so many myths about applying moisturizer to your skin after using a regimen. “Don’t use that it will clog your pores.” “The heavy lotion will just cause more breakouts.” I got to the point where I actually started listening to the reviews and my skin suffered.  Ladies, it’s so important to use a creme in the morning and night. Your skin needs hydration! It’s important to find the right creme for your skin and apply it correctly.

I also have a morning routine that I use with the Enza Essential products. It consists of 4 steps (sustaining cleanser, cool sustaining toner, vitamin C serum, and advanced SPF protection). Applying the Vitamin C serum helps hydrate my skin and the SPF is a skin protector. My dermatologist once told me if their is any product I should apply in the morning it should be SPF. We never realize how damaging the sun can keep and what times we are exposed. Just driving down the road in your car can cause sun exposure and you probably don’t even realize it! My tip to y’all – wear the sunscreen!

You can shop the Enza Essential collections at their website, www.enza.com. When you receive your regimen you will also get a folder that contains everything you need to know! I found the product sheets and information very helpful! It shares what ingredients are in each product, the purpose of them, and the benefits you are receiving!

If y’all have any more questions about today’s post please send them my way or comment below!

Have a great weekend!



Embroidered Trends with Grace & Emma

Today I am teaming up with Grace & Emma to share two of my favorite dresses and trend. It’s all about those embroidery details and appliqué! I can’t decide which look I love more.. The are both are so cute and are adorable outfits for spring! I used the same accessories with each dress and just switched up the shoes! I think a nude/ tan bag looks great with both of these, along with hoop earrings, and a link bracelet!

Look 1: Embroidered Striped Dress– This dress is absolutely darling! It’s a midi style and perfect for spring! Some of the of-the-shoulder dresses I have worn in the past are a little uncomfortable or tight around my arms. However, this one fits great! It’s got just enough elastic to keep up the dress and not be to irritating! I tied in some cute flats with it and made it a casual look! I could see anyone wearing this to a day-time event, brunch, church, or work!

Look 2: High Low Dress– This can also be worn as a tunic style top!  If you are shorter I say rock it as a dress! If you are tall, wear it with leggings, shorts, or jeans! Almost any shoe or accessory would look great with this as well!

p.s.- Can you tell how happy these are making me 😉 I am all smiles for these dresses, spring blooms, and pretty weather

Here are some of my other favorites from their shop!

Blue Striped Blouse | Beige Embroidered Sleeve Dress |  Lace Tunic | Rose Tunic Dress


blue detailed top

Top WildBlueDenim  Shorts Sun & Shadow Shoes Marc Fisher  Purse Tory Burch  Earrings Giani Bernini

A little life update.. I am back home in Kentucky right now. I was in for a shoot yesterday with the Diamond Galleria! I got to wear some of the prettiest jewelry and engagement rings. Every Tacori & Kendra Scott piece that I put on I wanted! I am slowly starting a jewelry wishlist? Is that bad? haha — Maybe for C’s sake.. but oh well!

Alright, if y’all ever get tired of these blue shoes let me know! Until then, you’re probably going to be seeing them twice a week! I seriously wear them with everything I put on! Including this adorable top! It is c/o of Wild Blue Denim. I wore it out on a Friday afternoon and it was a great casual look for running errands! The floral mesh over lay is the perfect touch, along with the open v-neck! Highly recommend this light-weight top!! Super cute and affordable!

& stay tuned for some new WildBlue looks! I have some overalls that I can’t wait to show y’all!


Soufeel Jewelry

Soufeel Jewelry

for 10% off use code: SHS10 (expires June 31)

Letter Rings \\ Name Bracelet \\ Name Necklace (gold) \\ Monogram Necklace (silver)

Super excited about this post because I haven’t shared any fun jewelry lines with y’all in a while! Let me introduce Soufeel, a 925 silver sterling line, with swarvoski diamonds! They have almost every jewelry product under the sun with so many personalization options!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner a gift like this would be ideal! I know my mom loves meaningful gifts and I’m sure most of y’all’s do as well! You could have a ring personalized or start a charm bracelet! It’s so fun getting new charms with the ones you love! Then from every occasion here on out you just keep adding!

Or if you are like me and changing your initials (soon to be Mrs.) then why not start a new collection!? Personally, I wear my monogrammed necklace almost twice a week. Getting a new one of those, in silver, was a dream! It’s super exciting when you see your soon-to-be, new initials! Plus, getting married is so fun and adding personalized jewelry to the mix is even better!

Soufeel offers free shipping, worldwide, and has a 365-day return & exchange policy.

Shop some of my other favorites with below!


Gingham Bow Blouse

Top StyleWe  Jeans Red Dress Boutique  Shoes Marc Fisher  Earrings Red Dress Boutique

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I spent the day with my family and friends. We went to a morning church service, ate a big lunch, then sat through some bad thunderstorms! All in all a very relaxing day!

So you may remember this top in pink from last week. Now it’s back and just as awesome! The plaid reminds me of a spring day so I figured why not shoot it in front of the dogwood trees! Here in Kentucky all our trees and plants are in full bloom! This is one of my favorite times of the year because all the plants are coming back to life!

Now back to the outfit! This top wraps twice then ties with a big bow in the front! It fits however tight you make it, which is good because it shows off your waist. The 3 tiered sleeves just give the top a little something extra! I wore this out to lunch after Easter and got lots of compliments! It would be great for a date, brunch, or girls get together! & I paired blue accessories with it because y’all know I am a sucker for some blue!!  <3 <3