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The Perfect Bow Top

Top \\ Jeans \\ Wedges \\ Necklace \\ Hoop Earrings \\ Watch \\ Cuff Bracelet

I am starting this week off on a good note, which means sharing one of my favorite looks ever!


When I was steaming it Clint came in the room, saw the bow ties hanging to the floor, and said, “wow that’s interesting”. When I put it on and walked out he said the same thing again, “wow, that’s really interesting!”  I guess from a guys perspective he is right! I am not for sure if they are a fan of big bows and blouses? haha

 A big trend right now is bows. It seems like the bigger, the better!!  So I guess that means this top is the BEST!? This color is also one of my favorites for spring . I think light pink looks so pretty on and just compliments your skin! Also, how about those sleeves? Wow, are they amazing or what? The pleated, puffed detailing adds a little more drama to the top!

I know this may not be everyone’s style.. but it is mine all the way! Shop my entire look with the links above ^ and note, this top is available in 2 other colors!

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