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It’s been a busy weekend! I have been going non-stop on decorating the balcony! C has a condo in Lex and for time being I am kinda making it home! not entirely sure how he feels about a woman’s touch but I think he is getting use to it! Plus I make up for my girly decorating with good cooking 😉 and that counts, right? Anyways.. back to the balcony! I literally made like 10 trips to Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, At Home, & Target in less than 36 hours. I was on a mission. Once I get hooked on something I can’t let it go, so I never came off that balcony this weekend! I am going to share some pics with y’all soon! I am proud of it! and honestly, I am so excited to sit out there and drink wine at night!

So, this romper maxi! I posted a pic of it on my Instagram Saturday and it was a huge hit! Many girls messaged me about ordering it for a bridal shower. I never thought about wearing it to a shower but that’s a great idea!! C also really liked this.. so I think it would make for a great night look!!!! It’s very flirty, fun, and kind of sexy if you ask me (but in a good way).  The material is a thin linen like material. Easy to steam ad doesn’t wrinkle super fast! The rose appliqué detail is kinda 3D. It’s sewn on and makes the perfect statement!!  You guys can mark this look as a new favorite of mine!

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