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the cutest OTS top!

Top Pamala’s Boutique  |  White Denim | Wedges | Earrings | Bracelet

This weekend I finally finished the balcony/patio/deck! I spent all day Saturday putting together furniture and picking up some last minute things! Yesterday we had our first dinner on it.. until it started pouring down rain!!!! but hey, we enjoyed it while we could! come tonight we’ll probably be eating out there again! I’ll be sharing some pics of it soon!

Now, let’s talk about this top!! When we got out to take some pics C said, “I really like this.. it reminds me of something you would wear.” I was like, “what do you mean what I would wear? I feel like I wear almost anything and everything.” He meant this is top reminded him of what I would throw on when we started dating four years ago (before the blog). I guess that’s a pretty good compliment to receive!  Not only was it my style then, but it’s my style now! This top is super casual, comfortable, and cute! I paired if with white jeans and wedges, but it would look adorable with shorts! The lace appliqué detail makes the top and adds a whole other level of cuteness! I promise this a purchase you don’t want to miss! Did I mention it comes in another color too?

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