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Must Have Eye Make-Up Products


Eyeliner MAC– I am a huge fan of the MAC ‘Pro Long” Eyeliner. It is easy to apply and has a creamy feel to it. This is what I typically wear on a day to day basis.

Brushes MAC– I’ve learned that brushes are an investment. They are one of the makeup tools that go hand in hand with, ‘what you pay for is what you get’. Over the years I have stocked up on my brushes but they are something I use almost everyday! I recommend the MAC ones because they are great quality, have tremendous bristles, are easy to clean, and very reliable!

Mascara Mary Kay– I’ve been a Mary Kay mascara fan for about eight years now! I am convinced that I will never find another mascara that I love more than this one! Sometimes I believe that it’s not so much about the mascara but it’s more about the brush you use to apply it. We all have different eyelashes and styles, but for me this is my go-to! I always recommend the Lash Love because it’s not water proof (easily comes off without damaging your lashes), it doesn’t clump, and it has wonderful volume!

Eyelash Curler Sephora– I have been on the hunt for years now for a good eyelash curler. I use to use a Mary Kay one and when it broke I couldn’t find any that worked quite as well.

Beige Shimmer Brow Enhancer Sephora – I use this to make a distinct line between my eyebrows and eyelashes. Since I typically wear shimmer eye shadows I chose the beige shimmer color. When applying it be careful not to press too firmly. You want the line to be minimal and not too noticeable.

Eyebrow Gel Cream Lancome– I walked into Sephora and asked, “what’s the best thing I can use to make my eyebrows look fuller, yet still natural?” she led me to this Lacome product and I am officially obsessed! I went with the ‘Taupe’ that’s about one shade darker than my natural eyebrow. This color gives me a little more definition and adds a little more drama to my eyes! I love it!

Eyebrow Brush Anastasia– This brush was recommend by someone at Sephora and it is wonderful! There are two different style tips. I use one of the ends to apply my gel cream. The bristles are thin which creates small strokes of the gel giving you a very natural look!  The other end I use to brush my eyebrows. It use to seem silly to me why anyone would brush their eyebrows then a makeup artists once asked me, “would you leave your house without brushing your hair?” That really stuck with me and ever since then I’m a believer in taming those eyebrows! Snag this brush to apply your eyebrow gel and brush, brush, brush!

Brushstroke Liner MAC– Trade your liquid eyeliner in for this brushstroke liner and you won’t regret it! I use this product for applying my eyeliner on my top lid. It has a brush tip that makes precision easier when applying the eyeliner. I’ve also noticed this liner dries quicker than other ones I have tried before! That’s a feature I really like since I am always in a hurry!

*** May the wings of your eyeliner always be even and the only drama you enjoy is in your lashes!***

xoxo, T

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