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bloom where you are planted!

Outfit Details: Tee // Shorts // Hunter Boots // Sunglasses

Balcony Details: Patio Furniture // Palm Print Pillows // Blue Ikat Round Outdoor Pouf // Brass Watering Can

Does anyone recognize that big leaf green plant from my Instagram story? The one that we like to call, “our love plant!” Well how could it be our love plant and me never share it on the blog? So, here it is!! Along with a full look at the balcony I transformed!

Over the past couple of years I have become an outdoor girl. I prefer to sit outside, work outside, walk to dinner, run to the gym.. pretty much everything. The more I’m outside, the better! After finishing up my office I knew this spot was going to be my next little project. For about two weeks I searched for patio furniture, pillows, and decor. Once I had all that ordered and I took C with me to get all my plants! Since I went with a leafy, tropical theme (hence the two pillows), I knew I needed my plants to coincide. I tried to pick out ones that reminded me of some place warm, the ocean, beach, and even Mexico! I had to have living plants too.. what’s the fun in buying in generic ones for an outdoor spot? All in all I probably spent a little too much $$ on my greens, but I love them! They make this little spot feel alive and colorful!

String lights and lanterns were part of my last minute touches. C hates bugs and bright lights so he said the less lighting the more likely he would join me out there to eat. (like a good finance I said, “your wish is my command haha). I purchased these Lanterns from At Home & Kirklands but I’ve noticed them at a ton of home stores. My string lights were from Amazon. I decided to go with the vintage bulbs and white and white string! At night we turn on these and it sets the mood! If you are re-doing any outdoor patio I say these two things are a must!

Let’s also not forget about Oslo Bleu on the Pouf! Originally, this was a foot rest for Clint. We don’t have one in our living room and Clint gets so annoyed. I tried to fix that with the balcony so I bought this blue one…. Then, Oslove decided it was time he claimed it! That’s his spot & he’s not going anywhere 😉

Some last minute thoughts… “Bloom where you are planted!” This quote is so true! I believe that no matter where life takes us it’s what we make of it that counts! If you make the most of where you are I think it leads to more happiness and love!! In this case, I planted myself on the balcony, let my decorating bloom, and now I have an outdoor spot that I truly enjoy!!

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  1. julia bradbury

    May 6, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    Oh T I do like your outfit, you look gorgeous wearing your pink Wellingtons.
    Every blessing

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