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Sequin Lips!! xoxo

Sequin Sweatshirt Romwe  White Ripped Jeans (similar pair)  Plaid Sneakers Target  Purse (linking a lightly used one)  Earrings Red Dress  Watch Michael Kors  Lipstick MAC

Just looked up at the clock and it’s 1:12 A.M!! I am writing this post to y’all on little sleep and lots of caffeine. (The bright sequins on this sweatshirt are helping me keep my eyes open though — wink wink)

Recap on why I am exhausted and so behind on blog posts—I had a big weekend in Kentucky. It was Clint’s cousins wedding and the whole family was in! Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and Saturday was the big day!! If you follow me on Instagram and snapchat you may have watched some of my stories! It was such a beautiful wedding, at a gorgeous venue in Cadiz, KY! The theme was Kentucky Derby and it was soooooo awesome!! After all the festivities I headed out on my drive yesterday morning and finally made it to Orange Beach! I plan on laying on the beach all day tomorrow!! Lot’s of naps are in order!

Now, for this sweatshirt! How adorable is it!? Navy and red is one of my favorite outfit combos and this look has just that 😉 I paired my plaid sneakers with it and ripped denim to make the entire outfit very casual! Sometimes I think people think, “oh sequins, dressy!” It definitely doesn’t have to be though! Just use this style for example ^ Also, I feel like this is the season for wearing cute sweatshirts on cool nights! or for running those errands all day! Make a statement in this one!!!!!

p.s.- National Kissing Day is July 6th! Snag this for the occasion <3

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