Striped Summer Kimono

Kimono //  Shorts  // Sandals (linking a similar pair)  //  Necklace  //  Watch  //  Earrings (found a similar crochet pair on Etsy)

Happy Friday!! Cheers to the weekend! I know so many of y’all are looking forward to this long weekend break! With the 4th of July right around the corner I feel like everyone is taking off on a mini vacation. I read on USA Today that over 44.2 million people will be traveling this July 4th! I think that’s the most ever!  If you’re hitting the road, planes, or trains, be careful! and safe travels!

Now, let’s talk about this adorable, striped kimono! For starters, I think this is the first duster I’ve ever featured on my blog. I’m not sure why I didn’t start wearing them sooner because they are awesome! I wore this on a slightly windy day and when I walked downtown it caught the wind perfectly! It just flowed with my footsteps and looked gorgeous on! I’m also a super cold natured person. I feel like everywhere I go I’m cold. This was nice to wear to my appointment and dinner because it kept me warm! Then outside it was still thin enough to wear in this 80 degree weather!  From the style, cut, and material this truly is perfect!

To keep the outfit summery I chose cut-offs and a simple white tank. However, this is definitely a piece you can wear into fall with jeans or leggings! If I am spending money on clothes I like to know I am going to get my use out of them. Personally, I think you totally would with this kimono!

As always let me know if you have any questions!

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Julep Beauty Products

Shop the Julep Products at Ulta

I recently received this package, from Julep Beauty, in the mail! I tried them all out for the first time the other day and I am already loving these products! The charcoal sponge might be my favorite!

K-Beauty Deal Cleansing Duo

The cleansing duo is a night time routine. First you remove your makeup with the Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil. Next you use the Detoxifying Cleansing Stick! Below are some major reasons why I love both of these products.

Hydrating Cleansing Oil
  • The hydrating oil is used to dissolve makeup, dirt, and impurities.
  • It’s known as a ‘makeup dissolving’ deep cleanser.
  • The lightweight, antioxidant-rich oil is blended together to melt away makeup without stripping your skin.
  • To use this product you pump the oil onto your hands and massage over your dry face.
  • 91% reported softer, hydrated skin after one use
  • 94% reported no oily residue
Detoxifying Cleansing Stick
  • This product works to give your skin a deep cleanse, with rice bran oil.
  • The blended natural oils soothe your skin, while also deep cleansing it.
  • The cleansing stick gently exfoliates from pomegranate enzymes. Use by applying cleanser to wet hands and massaging over wet face.
  • For a luxurious lather use this product with the Konjac Cleansing Sponge.
Charcoal Konjac Sponge
  • Konjac roots helps exfoliate your skin
  • Stimulates blood circulation which helps with cell turnover
  • Bamboo charcoal powder really cleans your pores out
  • Can easily store it in your shower and bath (suction cup included)

Matte Lip Mousse
  • Color- Amore
  • This procured is super-pigmented and created with a weightless formula.
  • The lip mousse is antioxidant rich with power cell complex.
Long Lasting Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner that stays put for 10+ hours!
  • Love how easily it is to apply
Creme-to-Powder Eyeshadow Stick
  • Waterproof formula so it doesn’t crease
  • Rich color that easily glides on
  • Doesn’t bunch together

the most gorgeous dress!

Dress SheIn  Heels Louboutin  Bracelets David Yurman  Purse Prada

It’s Wednesday and the only thing making this day better is this dress! I am SWOONING over it! and for future reference when I type in cap letters it means I am screaming!! So technically I am screaming over this dress! When I saw it online I knew it was super busy. The pattern, multiple colors, and high neck.. I was a little unsure about what to expect but when I opened it I was in immediate love!

In the up close pictures you can see the stitching and how beautiful the detailing is. The colors and pattern are what truly make this dress so different and adorable! I could probably go on and on and on about why you need this dress but I think it’s one that speaks for itself.  If you’re needing something to wear for an event, wedding, or Sunday morning style, this is it!! Look no further!

*For reference I am wearing a size Small but probably could’ve worn the XS.


LilySilk White Dress

White Dress  LilySilk  Sandals Jack Rogers  Purse (linking similar one)  Watch Kate Spade Earrings Kendra Scott  Link Bracelet Baublebar

This dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! You’re probably asking how can a simple white dress be so good? Let me tell ya!

  • For starters it is made out of the most gorgeous silk fabric! When I was steaming this on the hanger I was like you are for sure going to see through this dress. Then when I put it on it fooled me! Although the material is light weight it’s super nice and elegant!
  • It’s an A-line style! I’m wearing the size Small and it was little big. I definitely could’ve worn the XS so I’d say it’s pretty true to size!
  • The front pockets and top buttons add a little something, something! Instead of just being a basic white dress these details make it look even nicer!
  • You can accessorize this dress in any way! I stuck to neutrals but since it’s summer you could rock some colorful jewelry with it!
  • Make it a fancy look with heels or keep it casual with some flats! By the way, these specific Jack Roger sandals are the best! They go with practically anything!

This dress is a bit of a splurge but it’s one that will last you forever. I always like having basic pieces in my closet because I know I’m going to get my where out of them. This is one that will be on repeat for years to come!


Red Dresses

How many of y’all have heard that song “Red Dress” by MAGIC!? One day I was shooting a dress similar to this (at Red Dress Boutique) and my photographer said, “we gotta put that song on for you!” Ever since then I’ve had it stuck in my head. Any time I see red dress I immediately start singing it! Go watch the music video here! Maybe it’ll brighten your Monday!

I’ve had this dress in my closet for a while now. Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed different websites have some very similar styles. I figured with Fourth of July right around the corner I would share all my favorites! You can never go wrong with a red dress — they are perfect for so many occasions!


The Cutest 4th of July Outfit

Jumpsuit Express  Gladiator Sandals Michael Kors  Tassel Earrings SkyeandGrace  Blue Bag Charming Charlie 

So happy that is finally Friday! I am headed back to Kentucky this afternoon after I get done shooting with RDB and sure enough I am dreading the drive. I get so bored on the trips by myself. I’ve tried audiobooks, music, and podcasts to keep me entertained but idk if any of them really do the trick. At least I’m leaving Athens on a good note! We’ve been shooting new swimmer and some fall editorials and y’all are going to die when you see them! They are phenomenal!!

Now onto this striped jumpsuit! With the Fourth of July right around the corner I thought I should share this look with y’all asap! This jumpsuit was on sale when I got it in store and that was the winning factor with me! I couldn’t turn it down for $60! I loved the soft blue and cherry red as soon as I saw it! It caught my eye & I was like I gotta have it!!! Also, the fact that it’s a midi jumpsuit is awesome!! Wearing this on the 4th should be a priority! With the soft cotton material, adjustable straps, and adorable print you’re sure to look like a firework 😉


Blue Gingham Babydoll Top

Top MakeMeChic  Shorts J.Crew  Shoes Marc Fisher  Belt Tory Burch  Watch Michael Kors  Bracelet Kendra Scott  Bracelet Baublebar

I’m pretty excited about this blue gingham top!  For starters the gingham trend is so popular right now! Everything from dresses, tops, and shorts.. I’ve worn a couple gingham rompers and dresses but this is my first baby doll top! I think it has a very girly style to it because of the ruffled hem sleeves and folded collar. yet still super cute! To make this look casual I just paired some white shorts with it. When I wear my shorts I like to  wear wedges too. Makes your legs look long and lean 😉 ya feel me? These blue ones are my fav! they have been on repeat all summer! You can shop them here in all other colors too!

Now I’m off to shoot with Red Dress! We are doing a fall editorial today and the clothes are absolutely amazing! Wait til y’all see!


Black & White Striped Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit PB &J Boutique  Sandals Tory Burch  Name Necklace Soufeel  Watch Michael Kors  Necklace (linking similar one off Etsy)  Bracelet

Typing this blog post super early this A.M. because I crashed at 9 PM last night. When I woke up I thought, “when was the last time I ever went to bed this early?” I was so exhausted from driving to Athens and getting in at 2:30 AM the night before. So I came straight to the hotel and got in my jammies! Now I am feeling refreshed and ready for this work week!

Today’s Post is c/o of PB&J Boutique. I got this little number in the mail last week and couldn’t wait to get some pics of it for you all! Let me tell you why it’s my new favorite! The jumpsuit is made out of a soft linen/silk material. I can’t quite peg what it is but it’s great for summer! Cotton and nylon jumpsuits always stick to me in the heat but I’m sure this is one that won’t. When you put it on you will know exactly what I mean! I also love the two way stripes! The vertical ones on the pant leg make your legs look long and thin. The horizontal stripes accentuate your waist making it look smaller! From the fit, style, and print of this jumpsuit you can’t help but love it!

I wore sandals with mine because I have such long legs. But this is a jumpsuit that would look fabulous with wedges! For jewelry I wanted to wear a choker, wrap necklace to make the look edgy! And my name necklace to keep it girly!

If this jumpsuit is your style I say go for it! If you are more of a romper type gal you can shop their collection here! Hope you all have a fabulous day!


Jewel Toned


The Major Mini Dress: Blush  &  Rocking Bodysuit: Black

You’re standing in your closet thinking what should I wear tonight? I am eating out, I know I might have a couple glasses of wine, and then we are going dancing.. I need something that’s going to hold me in and shape my body… OK ladies, I got you covered! The Jewel Toned shapewear is made so every women feels comfortable and confident in this shapewear!  Whether you are wearing these pieces under your clothes or as an outfit, I firmly believe you should feel as sexy as possible!

Tbh, shooting these looks was something totally new for me and definitely out of my comfort zone. At first I was worried how they would look, how I could portray the pieces, and what you all would say.. But the more I wore them, the more comfortable I became. I believe it’s so important that we own our beauty (inside and out). and I know first hand the things we wear can affect that. When I feel good in something I wear my mood completely changes. And in this dress and bodysuit, I really felt good!  That’s a feeling we all deserve! So if you’re looking for something to put on and feel amazing in I suggest ordering you a new piece! All the styles are still modest, but definitely have a flirty, sexy appeal to them!

Jewel Toned says:

  • We believe when you love your outfit you have a better day.
  • We believe the first thing you put on sets the tone for your day (wear great underwear).
  • We believe women of all shapes and sizes should look in the mirror and like what they see.
  • We believe in simple, beautiful intimate apparel. We don’t do bows or major push-up. We’re happy if you like that, it’s just not why we’re here.
  • We stand for equality in the workplace.
  • We work hard and enjoy a well made bourbon cocktail sometimes.
  • We believe in self-expression and that you should define the rules for your closet.
  • We believe Elle Woods and Cher Horowitz are our spirit animals and when we grow up we want to be like Tess McGill.

and they said it right!!! Go check out their collection online and snag some of your own pieces! It might just give you the confidence you’ve been looking for when putting on your outfits!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!!!



White, OTS Dress & Appliqué Rose

Dress Romwe  Shoes Dolce Vita  Purse Tory Burch  Earrings Red Dress Boutique  Ring Baublebar

Hope everyone enjoyed their Father’s Day! Quick shout out to my dad for everything he has done for my family & I! We don’t tell him enough how much we appreciate him and how much we love him, but we really, truly do! He’s the glue that keeps us all together! Yesterday we celebrated him with his favorite meal (meatloaf) and some Elton John tickets. Y’all probably don’t want to ask him how many times he has seen Elton John because it might shock you! He is definitely my dad’s favorite! All in all a great day. In my opinion any day spent with your entire family is a great day though!


This weekend I also caught up on some blog posts and pictures! I’m sharing one of my favorite set of pics to start the week off! This dress is so darn cute! If you’ve been shopping lately or browsed at clothes online you probably can’t help but notice the embroidered/appliqué trend. Everything from jeans, shorts, tops, and dresses have it now. I like how this dress has one simple flower. It really pops on the white dress and gives it some character! This is a simple look but still very cute! I am wearing the size Small for reference!