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Hair Therapy Mask & Curling Wand

Yesterday I mentioned to y’all that I am getting hair done this weekend so I decided to keep on talking ‘Hair’ with you all! To get us started I’m introducing you to two of my new favorite products, from Eva NYC!

Hair Therapy Mask

The therapy mask is a deep conditioning formula that helps repair and strengthen damaged hair. Back in April (this blog post) I confessed some hair issues I had been having. Over the past couple months I have noticed my hair is getting stronger and healthier. On top of that it’s growing quicker than I expected. Now I am back at a place where I feel comfortable with my hair. To keep it this way I use this hair therapy mask about twice a week. Since it’s a deep conditioner I suggest using it 2-3 times a week so it’s more effective!

Curling Wand

I go through curling irons like hotcakes! I have one at my house, the apartment, the beach, my family’s house.. everywhere! Since I have so many, I’ve tried so many. This one gets a 10 in my books! It provides just the right amount of heat. The barrel is a great shape and size. Most importantly, my curls hold! Some of the wands I’ve tried don’t even work. I can assure you this one does!

Next I want to try the Shampoo & Conditioner! I’ve read some great reviews on them! Oh and the dry shampoo!!! That stuff is my lifesaver!

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