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Blue Striped High-Low Dress

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After a weekend at home, in Kentucky, I’m back in St. Louis again! My brother is running his second round of basketball camps this week so I’m helping out here again! He let me work the concession stand and I can’t help but get a laugh out of it. Some of the kids will come visit me four times a day and get six different types of candy. They stock up on Air Heads, Sour Patch Kids, Kit Kats, and Doritos! It’s crazy haha!  I’m sure these parents are thinking, “what did they give my kids today?” There’s nothing like a kid in front of a table full of candy! Just like the saying goes… “a kid in the candy shop” and that’s so true here!

Now that I have chocolate candy bars on my mind and it’s only 7:30 A.M. let’s talk about this dress! When We started shooting these pics I kind of regretted wearing heels with it. I styled this outfit thinking it had more of a dressy look to it but then I realized it could be kinda casual too! So if you aren’t feeling the simple nude heel with it I suggest a cognac pair of wedges! That would still keep the look upbeat and summery! Then again, how can this look not be upbeat with that fun, flowly skirt and high-low cut? When you walk in this dress it’s priceless! I also love the bell sleeves and front bow!! So, so adorable!!

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