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The Major Mini Dress: Blush  &  Rocking Bodysuit: Black

You’re standing in your closet thinking what should I wear tonight? I am eating out, I know I might have a couple glasses of wine, and then we are going dancing.. I need something that’s going to hold me in and shape my body… OK ladies, I got you covered! The Jewel Toned shapewear is made so every women feels comfortable and confident in this shapewear!  Whether you are wearing these pieces under your clothes or as an outfit, I firmly believe you should feel as sexy as possible!

Tbh, shooting these looks was something totally new for me and definitely out of my comfort zone. At first I was worried how they would look, how I could portray the pieces, and what you all would say.. But the more I wore them, the more comfortable I became. I believe it’s so important that we own our beauty (inside and out). and I know first hand the things we wear can affect that. When I feel good in something I wear my mood completely changes. And in this dress and bodysuit, I really felt good!  That’s a feeling we all deserve! So if you’re looking for something to put on and feel amazing in I suggest ordering you a new piece! All the styles are still modest, but definitely have a flirty, sexy appeal to them!

Jewel Toned says:

  • We believe when you love your outfit you have a better day.
  • We believe the first thing you put on sets the tone for your day (wear great underwear).
  • We believe women of all shapes and sizes should look in the mirror and like what they see.
  • We believe in simple, beautiful intimate apparel. We don’t do bows or major push-up. We’re happy if you like that, it’s just not why we’re here.
  • We stand for equality in the workplace.
  • We work hard and enjoy a well made bourbon cocktail sometimes.
  • We believe in self-expression and that you should define the rules for your closet.
  • We believe Elle Woods and Cher Horowitz are our spirit animals and when we grow up we want to be like Tess McGill.

and they said it right!!! Go check out their collection online and snag some of your own pieces! It might just give you the confidence you’ve been looking for when putting on your outfits!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!!!


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