Color Camel

Top // Pants // Scarf (both the one I am wearing and the one linked are from Target) // Sunglasses // Sandals

I have so much I want to share with you all, that I feel as if I could write India blog posts for the rest of the year. This trip has been nothing short of amazing, eye-opening, and culturally educational. I’m going to dip deep in some upcoming posts about what I’ve learned from this trip, what this experience has taught me, and how thankful I truly am. Until then, let’s talk about the animals over here. For the record, I have a soft spot in my heart for animals.

From the moment we arrived in Jaipur I have seen livestock and animals every 100 feet. Dogs are the most popular of these animals. When we were sitting a stop light, Clint counted and saw 10 in the span of like 20 feet. Let’s just say there are creatures everywhere. Except their animals aren’t like the ones you see in America. I mean they are, but they really aren’t. Over here, they are so skinny they make you look twice. Dogs that should weigh 80 lbs maybe weigh 40. Cows with rib cages popping out, baby goats scrounging for food, monkeys sitting on the tops of buildings waiting for food, and pigeons flying overhead. (Here feeding the pigeons…) I’m constantly telling C, “Oslo is the luckiest dog in the world. I miss our pup … etc.” Now every time I give Oslo double treats or a bone before I walk out the door, I’ll see the images of the starving dogs and I’ll count his and my blessings twice. How lucky I am to have the money and supply of treats to give my pup. how lucky y’all. seriously, how lucky? now, don’t get me wrong, this is the Indian way of life. I mean no offense to this culture and environment, but you really never know how much you appreciate something until you realize how you’ve taken it for granted.

Before I ever came over here, I was dying to ride a camel. You know when you see a picture of something, then you get an idea of what that moment could be like? Well that’s kinda how I felt about riding a camel. After seeing these animals and their surroundings, I have to admit I was kind of saddened by the idea of hopping on a camel. At what cost to the animal was I fulfilling this idea in my mind? Riding on a camel and being in the presence of such a beautiful creature was all I wanted to do, but was the camels health expended for me? Are these animals used to this? Do they like being rode? When the moment came to ride one I had mixed emotions. Sure, I told myself this was once in a lifetime experience. “I have to ride a camel. I’ll never do this again.” But I promise, the instant gratification and the memories I experienced will be haunted by the images of the life these creatures live. They spend their days tied to the ground, giving tourists rides, and surrounded by city life. I used to think of camels roaming the dessert and sand dunes. Now I’ve seen them in a whole new perspective.

Was this God’s plans for these animals? And was this God’s plans for me to see? Was I suppose to come over here and witness a different way of life to appreciate how much I have? I always say everything happens for a reason. I came here for a reason. These animals are over here for a reason. There’s a reason I feel the way I do about them. There’s a reason I’m seeing a whole new culture and way of life. There’s a reason…

On a lighter note, the camels really did make me smile. When I first went up to one he reached down in my hair. Probably searching for food but it still made me laugh. When we walked down the road, he stopped to eat from the tree. That brought joy to my heart. It was so funny to see him chewing, and at least I knew he was getting some food! I wanted to give him a name so he would always have a place in my heart. I think for now, I’ll call him Color. Because regardless of how he lives, how he is treated, or his lifestyle, he made me see color. Color in a black and white world of these animals. Color in a memory I will hold on to forever. And color in the streets of India.


Wabi Sabi Threads Kimono

Shop Wabi Sabi Threads

Jeans \\ Wedges \\ Tote

My kimono collection is slowing growing, which nonetheless means I’m falling more and more in love with them. Which is why when Wabi Sabi Threads reached out to me I immediately said, “Yes!”  (not to mention they are moving to Lexington soon!)

Wabi Sabi Threads was started by a gal from the U.S. who has lived in Japan for two years now. Since she has been living in their culture and studying fashion she loved the idea of sharing vintage treasures (like the kimono I’m wearing). Personally, she enjoys putting on her kimonos because “it makes her feels elegant, beautiful, and confident”. Hoping to share her personal feelings with others she started selling one of a kind, vintage kimonos!! On their site you can choose from all different styles. Shop, long, short fabrics, and unique prints. There’s new ones being added every week so there’s always something fun to choose from. I really liked this one because of the long length and colors. I’m loving the light pinks and gray right now! To keep it simple I paired jeans and a cream tank with it!

Might have been a coincidence that my 1st India trip got postponed because they knew I needed to take this kimono with me. How perfect would this be to wear in front of the Taj Mahal or The Wind Palace? I feel like it has India written all over it!

& for those of you who are wondering, we made it to India safe & sound! lot’s of blog posts and pics to come!


High Low White Blouse

White Blouse  //  Scalloped Shorts  //  Earrings  //  TB Bracelet  //  Bracelet Cuffs & Ring

Typing this post from thousands of feet in the air, somewhere over the ocean. We got super busy yesterday before we left and I didn’t have time to finish this post! No worries though because I can’t sleep and we still have 5 hours left on this flight. 

Funny story, C & I are getting ready to leave yesterday and I remind him to print off his visa. Well the printer was out of ink so he ran to the library to print it. He gets there and realizes his password was reset from the end of the semester. So he comes back to get me (and change his password) then we’re off again to try to get this visa. Need I remind you we had so much trouble last time with our visas I despise them. I feel like we’ve been jinxed.. ok, so continuing.. it’s 6:45 p.m., our flight leaves at 7:55, and he’s still inside printing it off. I’m overly anxious and annoyed so my temper might have gotten the best of me. I’m mad, worried we’re going to miss the flight, they won’t take our luggage, yada yada yada. I’m complaining, yelling, and trying to deal with this pit in my stomach from all the stress. 

We pull in the airport around 7:05 p.m., run to check in, and guess what?? Yeah clint forgot his headphones and I’m missing my glasses Case. But those are minimal… Clint’s printed off the wrong visa. He brought the application and not the granted e-visa. This is a big, big problem. Like, clint!????????? Omgggg. If we miss this flight. I’m at a loss for words, the delta employee is like, “I’m sorry, but you have to have a copy of your visa to travel”, and Clint’s sweating bullets. 

Then comes the lady from the help desk to save the day. She was literally packing up to leave and went back to help him print it. Was it luck or God on his side? You can decide. Either way I’m thanking both because we barely made it! And now we’re one step closer to India! 

Before we left we shot this look and tomorrow’s! I love the high low tops to wear now with shorts and in the fall with some jeans. This one has the 3 tiers in the back that give it a little more detail. I turned this look into a girly, fun style but with some cutoffs and lace up sandals it could be a boho style! It’s all about how you accessorize 😘


Microblading Review

Hi pretty gals,

I’m here today to talk about my most recent beauty treatment, microblading!  Let me start off by saying if you are from Kentucky or live around the Lexington area, I highly recommend Holly at Feather & Blade. She is absolutely wonderful! I couldn’t be more pleased with how my brows turned out and the overall experience.

For starters, this is something I have been thinking about doing for the past couple of months. I didn’t just wake up one day and say, “oh I think I’ll have my brows done.” There was a lot of consideration taken into account, along with the pros and cons.

My normal hair color is a dirty blonde but since I get highlights I consider myself a blonde. My eyebrows are fairly similar to the color of my roots (dirty blonde) and they are thin. I usually like to fill them in with a matte or eyebrow pencil and you all probably know how old that can get. That’s when I really started considering the microblading procedure. (Fun fact about my brows, they’ve never been waxed or died. I rarely even pluck them. So to be quite honest I don’t do a lot of maintaining on them. I’d just fill them in when I got ready and call it a day.)  I knew this would be a beauty hack that would shave off some time when I’m getting ready and no matter the day or the hour I would always have the brows that I want and like! That led me to watching youtube videos, blog reviews (like the one that I’m writing now), and topic discussions all about microblading. When I decided I for sure wanted to do it, I booked an appointment, and never looked back.

As soon as I got to Feather & Blade Holly addressed all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. I have to admit  I was pretty nervous before the procedure and still had a shred of doubt. Would it hurt? How long would it last? How dark will my brows be? Will this change my entire look? Will you be able to see the strokes? Will it look natural? All the questions you all have thought of, I guarantee I did too. If you are going to get this procedure I suggest being open and honest from the get go. You’ll feel 100X better and confident that you made the right decision. Ask all the questions, it never hurts!!

Now let’s dive straight into the details all you are wondering about! At the end I’ll briefly be answering most of the common questions I got from you all!

Step by Step of my procedure: 

  1. First I signed my paperwork, discussed my concerns with Holly, and asked her all of my questions.
  2. We went on to take the ‘before’ photos, then I removed my face makeup, and she applied a numbing cream.
  3. After that we headed to where the magic happens! She led me to her chair and put the measuring tool on my face. It was a sticky adhesive material that didn’t hurt at all. This was the step when it really got real for me!
  4. She marked up the lines where she thought the shape looked the best. From there she handed me a mirror and we both went back and forth on a couple of touch ups. Once I figured out the shape and arch I wanted it was time to begin.
  5. Before taking the micro blade to my brows she removed the numbing cream and explained we would be doing 3 passes (1 pass is both the right & left brow). She advised me that the first pass would hurt and she was right!  The first round, when my brows were becoming familiar to the blade, feeling, and lidocaine was the most painful. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being minimal pain, 10 being unbearable pain) I would say it’s about a 6 or 7. It’s more of an uncomfortable, unusual feeling, than a piercing feeling. I have one tattoo on my finger and I was expecting this procedure to be about the same. Let me tell ya, for those of you who have tattoos, microblading hurts way less!!! Although it’s a bunch of tiny blades brushing into your skin, it’s not a needle piercing deep.
  6. As she does she each pass she applied lidocaine. That helped numb the entire area throughout the procedure. After the 1st pass she let me look in the mirror and see what I thought. We came to the consensus that the first color we chose, Taupe, may have been a little too light. You could really notice a difference since the color just blended in with my skin and eyebrows.  We decided to try one shade darker and I immediately loved it.
  7. After finishing the 2nd and 3rd pass Holly handed me the mirror and said, “take a look.” As soon as I sat up I was like, “omg I’m in love.” Within 30 minutes I had the brows I had been dreaming about.
  8. In 6 weeks I will head back for a touch up. This will give my brows time to heal and set to the normal color. After that we can see what we need to fill in or add.

Common Questions:

  • Did it Hurt? a little bit.. after a while I got use to the pain & the lidocaine set in.
  • Do I love it? OMG, yes!!! So happy with the color and shape! would definitely recommend to everyone who is considering this procedure!
  • What was the scariest part? The fear of the micro blade. I was scared it was really going to hurt!! Like super sacred. (when I got my tattoo I passed out because of the adrenaline and my nerves – so I really didn’t want this to happen!)
  • How did you know what shape you wanted? I wasn’t entirely sure what shape I wanted until I saw her marks in the mirror.  I knew I wanted more of an arch and definition. At first I had a pointy edge on the outer part that we made a little rounder. That was the only big shape correction we made from her original marks.
  • How did you know what color you wanted? At first we tried ‘Taupe’. We applied it the first pass and noticed it wasn’t as dark as I hoped for. We went one shade darker and it turned out perfectly. Just ask your artist what color they recommend and compare your options.
  • How is the healing process? It’s going great. I’ve noticed some slight color changes, but overall very good.
  • Did yours scab? There’s some scabbing around the top area of my brow where she made more strokes. Surprisingly they don’t itch as bad as I thought they would. Normally when my skin heals it itches but my brows are definitely tolerable.
  • Would you do it again? Oh yes, definitely! Absolutely!

As I said before, I definitely recommend this procedure if you’ve been thinking about it for a while. I would just advise you to consider everything I discussed and if you think new brows are fom you!

If you’re interested in going to Feather & Blade here is their contact info:


phone: 859.667.BROW (2769)

“She has fire in her soul & a pair of killer eyebrows” 

xoxo, T 


Gingham, Tassel, Off-the-Shoulder Romper

Romper Romwe  Sunglasses Diff Eyewear  Necklace Baublebar  Watch Tory Burch  Shoes (linking a similar pair)  Earrings

My mind is racing because we leave for India tomorrow and my to-do list seems endless. Finish packing, shoot some content for the blog, do the dishes, finish the laundry, go to the bank.. eat some ice cream, pour a glass of wine?  ok, y’all get the point! but really, regardless of how crazy my day is going to be I am so so so so excited for this trip! Since we didn’t get visas in time for the original trip, I’m hoping this round is better! Fingers crossed all our travels go well! Stay tuned on snapchat and instastories to see all of our adventures.

This is an outfit I almost considered packing for our trip. The tassels and gingham print remind me of a hot, summer day which is exactly what we are going to be experiencing in India. However, Clint is super paranoid and says I need to have my shoulders covered at all times. So this was a no go in his book. Instead we walked a block over, found this colorful wall, and shot this look right there! India or not it’s still super cute!! Love, love, love it for a summer look or fun night out! The tassels add a fun element to the romper and make the perfect statement <3


Sunflower Dress

Dress | Shoes | Hat | Sunglasses | Earrings

“It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day!”
I’ve been singing that song the entire time while working on this post! It’s the first thing that popped into my head when I got to think about how happy this dress makes me. & since it’s Monday I figured we could all use a little happy!

I’m settling back in from a weekend at my parents home. I drove to Henderson Friday night and we celebrated my mom’s birthday. The theme was ‘you paint the world with smiles’. Since she is an artist, painter, and creator we figured it was fitting! Her cake had smiley faces all over it and we decorated with emoji plates. The past couple of years we have done paint palette, paint brush, and canvas cakes, so this year we tried to come up with something new and she loved it! From all the emojis, birthday cake, this dress, and sunflowers I’ve had yellow smiles painted on my heart for the past three days!!!

p.s.- I feel like this dress and the birthday theme go hand in hand!

Shop my look with the links above or by clicking on the pics below!
This is the epitome of summer style!


Grace & Emma Rose Embroidered Top


Today’s Post is c/o of Grace & Emma

Shop my Top Here    (It’s also available in Tan! And here’s another similar black one!)

Shorts | Wedges | Earrings | Sunglasses | Watch | Belt

Save the best for last? You with me?  That’s exactly what I did with this post! My favorite top for the end of the week and the best way to ring in Friday!

Let’s talk about the embroidered trend first. If you have been following me for a while then you know I’m a huge fan of this style! I’ve worn so many embroidered pieces this year that I’ve lost count. For as far as tops go though, this one is by far at the top of my list. It’s the softest cotton material and overly comfortable. I wore this on a 90 degree day (which probably wasn’t my best decision) but surprisingly it wasn’t too hot. And to keep it even cooler I paired white shorts with it instead of skinny jeans!

If you really want to show off those bell sleeves I suggest wearing a belt! Tucking in the top kinda shows off that extra fabric and accentuates your waist. Keep your accessories black and gold, and you’ve got yourself the chicest look!!  I love, love, love it!

Hope you all have a great weekend! <3 <3


Striped Bell Sleeve Dress

Dress  \\  Shoes  \\  Purse  \\  Earrings  \\  Necklace  \\  Watch

How shall I describe this dress? At first I wanted to say it’s scrunchy at the top but I don’t think that’s the right terminology… maybe the elastic band at the top?  however you choose to say it, the style of this dress is one of my new favorites! I love how it’s tight around the chest and upper arms, then has the big bell sleeves. It makes for a very flattering look and super cute statement. Also, did I mention it’s only $21! That is seriously such a good deal!  To keep the look simple I went with a traditional, tan block wedge and my tote!  It’s a city look, simply style, and very affordable!

Hope you all have a great day!! We’re almost to the weekend!


the secret to silky, shiny hair

Shop the entire Atapuji Wild Ginger Hair collection at ULTA

I have very fine hair. I would say it’s pretty thin but every time I go to my hair dresser she always says, “no it’s not thin! you actually have a lot of hair. It’s just very fine.”  That just confirms that I take over my dads hair genes 😉 Since I’m not quite changing the texture of my hair anytime soon, I gotta work with what I have. That’s why I’m always on the hunt for new, good hair products. These two from the Paul Mitchell are at the top of my list!

Shine Spray

I like to think of this spray as an airy mist that keeps your hair glowing. It’s clean, light, and adds the perfect touch to protect your hair from heat styling. Love how weightless this product is, yet still gets the job done! I spray it on before I take a curling iron to my hair and then lightly mist it after too. This spray can work as a heat protector too.

Styling Treatment Oil

This product is made from natural oils and extracts. Since I do have fine hair I can’t put too many products in my locks because they will eventually start to look oily. With this treatment oil I put a dime size amount in my hand and just kind of apply it to the ends of my damp hair. I never put it directly on my scalp because that results in extra weight at your roots. After this product is applied you will notice a silky shine to your hair.

Some other common hair questions I’ve been getting:
  • Do you highlight your hair? Yes! I go about every two – three months. My hair is naturally a dirty blonde color so I prefer to keep it an icey blonde with highlights.
  • Is your hair naturally curly or straight?  My hair is pin straight! I don’t use a straightener that often, but when I do it’s only to straighten the pieces around my face.
  • How often do you wash your hair? About 5 times a week. Of those 5 times I only really style it about twice. The other times I let it air dry and try to stay away from heat damage. The less you wash your hair the better off it is. They say your hair has natural oils that help it grow and maintain it’s own shine.

If you have anymore questions just reach out to me from my contact page! I would be happy to help!

xoxo, T


always and forever, AMEN <3

Tee DaisyRae Apparel   Shorts (linking a similar pair)   Shoes (Nordstrom Rack find)  Earrings Kendra Scott

Always and Forever, AMEN!

I’m going off exactly what my tee says and sharing some uplifting bible verses that go along with it. These are some of my favorite that I’ve marked over the years and jotted down. Whenever I need peace with mind I turn to these.

  • She confidently trusts the lord to take care of her – Psalm 112:7
  • For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control – 2 Timothy 1:7
  • When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I – Psalm 61:2
  • Nothing can stop God’s plan for your life – Isaiah 14:27
  • You are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you – Romans 5:8
  • Set your mind on things above – Colossians 3:2
  • We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps – Proverbs 16:9
  • Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it – Proverbs 4:23
  • God is love – 1 John 4:16

& one more time, Always and Forever, AMEN! 

Today’s Post is c/o DaisyRae! Go check out their collection of tees, tanks, and raglans! They literally have some of the cutest!! I really want this Squad Goals one! It just kinda cracks me up!  And just to let y’all know, these tees are made out of the softest fabric! Seriously so comfortable!! You’ll love wearing them and throwing them on for a causal, cozy look!

Shop all your shirts, for all your occasions here:

& they offer free shipping over $75!! So, stock up on your favorites!

Hope y’all have a great day!