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Pink, Ruffled, Layered Romper

Romper Romwe  Wedges Marc Fisher  Earrings Baublebar  Wrap Bracelet Lila’s Beauty Bag

Well we’ve had a crazy 24 hours.. we were suppose to leave for India last night and never quite made it.. while laying in bed, at 2:30 A.M. (Tuesday night), Clint & I still hadn’t received a confirmation that our e-visas were granted. So we called the Indian embassy and they told us they were still getting processed. I kept telling Clint that we could just go to the embassy, in Delhi, and get our visa upon arrival. Well the more articles I read and the more I digged, I realized there was a 99% chance that we wouldn’t be able to get in the country at all without them. We called the Indian visa office back and they confirmed this.  Apparently before you ever leave the country they will scan your visa before boarding the flight. So just a heads up for any of y’all traveling.. if you don’t have a visa and you are traveling to a country that needs them, GO GET THEM!

  Now this is where the story gets good.. At 8:30 P.M. last night I received confirmation that my evisa was approved. I actually could’ve went, could’ve gotten on the flight, and been in India now. I am beating myself up about all of this but at the end of the day I have to realized there was nothing I really could’ve done. We spent hours laying in bed, contemplating. Do we risk going over there and hope we get our visas in time? Or do we play it safe and try to get our delta vouchers and reschedule?  I told Clint, “I think it’s way sketchier getting stuck in Indian airport and unsafe.” So we decided to postpone the trip..

Now,  this morning, with my evisa in hand, I am going to try to call Delta to rebook our flights. Wish me luck! I am sure there’s going to be more updates to come.

*also a quick side note– everything really does happen for a reason, doesn’t it? wonder what the reasoning behind all of this stress was/is?

p.s.- I had a full blog post typed up about this outfit but I’ve been getting messages for the past day and night about the trip. I wanted to give you guys an update for those who were wondering!

However, this romper is AMAZING! I love the ruffled top and chiffon material! This was made for a date night or GNO!

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