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5 Reasons Why I Love White Dresses

White Dress //  Sandals //  Sunglasses // Earrings

Some people say a dress is a dress.  Others put one on and feel like they can conquer the world. That’s how I feel in white! Here are my five reasons why!

  1. Number 1 is a given. Why do we all love wearing white? It makes us look tan of course! If that’s your #1 reasoning I’m right there with ya ladies! Love how my skin looks and feels in every shade of white!
  2. White is easy to accessorize. Depending on what mood I am in I can wear colored jewelry or keep it in the neutral tones.
  3. A white dress is easy to dress up or dress down.. sandals, lace-up flats, wedges, mules, sneakers.. you can wear almost any shoe of your choosing and make a dress look good! (With this dress I wanted to keep is simple with some flats!
  4. I always associate white with bridal.. Is that bad? I hope not.. especially now since I’m in a bridal season of my life!
  5. White dresses, like the one I am wearing, are transitional. I wore this one on the hottest day of the year and I can also wear it into fall!

LWD’s for the win! I think so!! Especially this one with the cut-out shoulders and ruffle trim! It’s girly, chic look and super cute!

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