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My kimono collection is slowing growing, which nonetheless means I’m falling more and more in love with them. Which is why when Wabi Sabi Threads reached out to me I immediately said, “Yes!”  (not to mention they are moving to Lexington soon!)

Wabi Sabi Threads was started by a gal from the U.S. who has lived in Japan for two years now. Since she has been living in their culture and studying fashion she loved the idea of sharing vintage treasures (like the kimono I’m wearing). Personally, she enjoys putting on her kimonos because “it makes her feels elegant, beautiful, and confident”. Hoping to share her personal feelings with others she started selling one of a kind, vintage kimonos!! On their site you can choose from all different styles. Shop, long, short fabrics, and unique prints. There’s new ones being added every week so there’s always something fun to choose from. I really liked this one because of the long length and colors. I’m loving the light pinks and gray right now! To keep it simple I paired jeans and a cream tank with it!

Might have been a coincidence that my 1st India trip got postponed because they knew I needed to take this kimono with me. How perfect would this be to wear in front of the Taj Mahal or The Wind Palace? I feel like it has India written all over it!

& for those of you who are wondering, we made it to India safe & sound! lot’s of blog posts and pics to come!

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