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Dress // Shoes // Earrings

From the time we woke up, to the time we went to bed, our days were planned out in Nashville! The one thing none of us knew about, was a surprise! SheaLeigh planned an event with Kendra Scott for us and kept it a secret right up until we started getting ready! Best surprise ever, right!? When we got there they had a huge banner made with our hashtag, champagne, and the color bar open for us! So awesome!!!  But it keeps getting better…  We each got to pick a piece (up to $80) to design at the Color Bar!!!! I can’t even tell you all how overwhelmed I was by all the choices. From rings, earrings, necklaces, to stone colors, and shapes, I was in my most indecisive state ever. At first I was getting earrings. Then I had my heart set on a ring. Finally, I decided on a necklace…. After I made it though, I was like, “I gotta have the choker and ring to match!” So I ended up walking out of there with 3 pieces that I absolutely love and know I will get my wear out of them!

Here they are:

However, at the Color Bar they have a necklace called the ‘Mason Y’ Necklace! I designed it but the Y necklace above is very similar. I wanted to keep my stones cohesive so I chose the ‘Ivory’ color for my ring and both my necklaces. I’m a matchy, matchy kinda girl and these were the ones that just kinda spoke to me! Ivory seemed like the best color choice because I wear it with almost everything. If I learned anything from this adventure to KS it’s that you can’t go wrong with any piece! It was fun watching all the girls create their own, based on their individual style. If you’re going to splurge on something, have it be a piece of jewelry! It’s something you wear everyday and will have for the rest of your life!

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