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Pink Octagon Sunglasses  |  Mirrored Silver Cat Eye Sunglasses  |  Round Black & Gold Sunglasses

 Eenie, Menie, Minie, Mo… The constant thought that’s been on my mind since I started creating this post! Should I wear the pink? Are the round frames my favorite!? Love the reflection in the silver frames! Can I just wear them all at once!? just a few of the thoughts I had when shooting all these adorable sunglasses!

If you aren’t familiar with WearMePro let me fill you in. Not only can you buy their sunglasses individually, but you can also sign up for a SHADESBOX. When signing up for this box you get to choose your color, style, and membership, then have sunglasses delivered to your doorstep each season! If you’re like me and love staying up to date on the latest fashion and trends this subscription is the way to go! Not to mention, their prices are super affordable and all the sunglasses are great quality!

I choose a couple different styles and colors for my sunglasses so I can wear them with all different things!

  • Round, Black Frames
    • These frames are very versatile and are easy to wear. With a classic shape and color, you can’t go wrong with these! They have a very retro, cool girl feel and look to them!


  • Pink Octagon Frames
    • I’ve never owned a pair of geometric frame sunglasses so I was very anxious to try these out! I wasn’t sure how they would look on my face or shape my forehead but I was actually surprised with how much I loved them! I have a rounder face and cheeks but these complimented my structure very well. Not to mention they are a fun color to wear year round. They are also available in black!


  • Mirrored Silver Frames
    • How about that reflection!? wow, these are a statement! & I love it!!!! The mirrored, reflection glasses have been very popular this year, along with the cat eye lens! This pair is available in 6 other colors, but I chose the silver because they are so chic! I have a feeling I’ll be wearing these with all my neutrals this winter!

Thank You to WearMe Pro for sponsoring today’s post!

You can shop their ENTIRE COLLECTION HERE! With a wide variety of color, shapes, and lenses, they are sure to fit all your sunglass needs!

As always, if you have any questions or comments send them my way! <3

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