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Burnt Orange, OTS, Romper Maxi

Romper Maxi Red Dress Boutique  Sunglasses WearMe Pro  Earrings Skye & Grace

Just wanted to touch upon yesterday’s blog post for a minute and say thank you!! That was one of my most read posts and I couldn’t be more proud. Like I said on my social media, “It was a hard one to right but I wanted to share”.  For everyone who sent me messages, commented, and reached out to me, I’ll say thank you again. From both C & I.  It’s so wonderful knowing my followers support me through it all.. good, bad, fashion, style, and most of all life! The overwhelming response makes me want to write more about my life and share things I normally wouldn’t.

This maxi, romper was from a shoot I did back at the very beginning of September! I’ve been sitting on the pics for a while, waiting to share them, and now the time is here! And guess what!? It’s on sale, for $23! What a great price, for a fabulous fall outfit!  The style of this (shorts, long maxi train) is made for cooler temps. You can wear it through the hot days and crisp nights! Love the print on it too!  Those warm colors just scream ‘FALL’!

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  1. Tabitha

    September 27, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    What a beautiful jumpsuit! I tend to shy away from jumpsuits in the Fall but as hot as it stays around Arkansas, I don’t know why. I admire your honesty and positive with everything your going through. I feel that honesty and reaching out is what connects us human beings together and to know that we’re not alone.


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