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This past summer I was in St. Louis with my brother and his roommate told me that had been binge watching Friends. So as soon as I saw this shirt that’s what I thought of! haha — Who is a fan of Friends?  To be quite honest, I have watched many of the episodes but the ones I have were great! Maybe I need to join them and binge watch it too (in this tee)!

Since we’re on the subject of friends, figured I might as well share my thoughts!
Growing up my mom use to always tell me you can never have too many friends. Kind of goes hand in hand with the saying, the more the merrier! She was right.. (like always haha)  What fun are the seasons of life if you don’t have anyone to share them with!?

Why we all need ‘FRIENDS’:

  • for advice… can’t tell you how many times I’ve been troubled or in a dilemma and I turn to my friends for help.
  • to gossip.. let’s be honest, we all do it! & sometimes a girls just gotta vent
  • when times get tough… sometimes life can get the best of us.. when tragedy, death, or sadness strikes, we need to be surrounded by those who lift us up
  • coffee dates, yoga, shopping trips, getaways, & dog walks… do the things you love, with people you love! makes the experiences 23957x better.
  • to have a relationship tutor.. as girls how would we ever make it without someone to vent to about men?
  • you’ll always have someone on your side

When you have great friends, you wanna be a great friend. And I love having people in my life who make me better a person.. don’t we all!?

ok.. now y’all go tell your friends you love ’em!

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