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Fall Styles w/ Hazel & Olive Boutique

Happy Friday friends! Today I’m taking y’all to my Youtube channel to watch my newest Vlog, c/o Hazel & Olive! It’s been a while since I created one of these that I honestly forgot how to do it!  Just remember, I’m pretty new to vlogs, filming them, and editing. So if you have any tips please pass them along!

This post was created on exactly $200 worth of clothes and 6 outfits! Now take a look at everything I’m wearing.  I’d say 4 of these outfits can be worn multiple times, different ways. Maybe switching up your shoes, jeans, or top underneath. Can you guess which 4 it is? If you’re thinking it’s the blush cardi, ripped tunic sweater, cowl neck dress, and waterfall vest, then you’re right!  In my opinion these are grouped in the basic category because they are staple pieces. How you style them really makes the outfit, meaning they can be worn over and over again! Think about how many looks you could really have with $200!  That’s not bad at all! Most of their clothing’s very affordable & great quality!

Out of these 6 outfits do you have a favorite?  At first I thought I would, but the more I kept looking at them the more I couldn’t decide.  I am a huge fan of velvet right now so that printed top is definitely one of my top 2!  I also really like the blush cardi because it’s so cozy.  & the olive floral dress is just adorable!  ahh, I think it’s too hard to pick the best.  I’ll leave that up to y’all!

Shop the looks directly below by clicking on the links!  And keep scrolling for an unclose look of each outfit!

Look 1: October Fun Cardigan (blush color)
Look 2: Mystic Bazaar Vest
Look 3: Luxurious Days Dress (hunter color)
Look 4: Distressed Tunic (grey color)
Look 5: Suspiciously Sweet Velvet Top
Look 6: Whistler Weekend Dress (olive)
(note: some of the exact items are already out of stock — for size reference, I ordered all Smalls)

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  1. Tabitha

    October 20, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    I love Haze & Olive boutique! They have such cute clothes, and I love the way you created all these different outfits. Super cute!


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