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Fall Wardrobe Essentials

You can shop these outfits by hovering on the pic and clicking on the icon! It will take you directly to the link!

Everyone probably has their own opinion on what they consider closet staples or essentials and today I’m sharing mine with y’all! Take it or leave, but these are 3 things I think everyone should have for the fall season (and jeans are given):

  1. Utility Jacket:  there’s so many occasions where I just need to grab a a jacket and go. That’s when one of these utility jacket comes into play. I love the red one if you’re looking for a pop of color & the other two are great neutrals! These jackets fit great and are very TTS.  I’m wearing the Size small and it fit me perfectly. Not too tight in the arms or too lose around my body!
  2. Scarf: I know the blanket scarves have been a huge hit the past two years and they are still in style. Whether you’re into them or a wrap scarf, I think it’s great to have a couple options in your closet.  Not only do they help accessorize a look, they are so warm!!
  3. Booties:  I think we all need a pair of taupe or brown booties. Really though! I invested in a couple pairs at the beginning of the season and I’ve already got my wear out of them! a pair of booties can be the most versatile thing you own because you’re sure to wear them with so many different outfits!
These 3 looks are from Red Dress, head to toe!
Check out their selection of jackets HERE, scarves HERE, and booties HERE!  Happy Shopping!

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