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How to Style a Leather Jacket

Jacket SheIN  Silk Cami LilySilk  Denim TopShop (currently 40% off)  Sunglasses WearMePro  Purse LV  Heels (Valentino linking dupes)

  1. First things first, pick out your jacket! If you aren’t feeling the burgundy color, black is always a great option!  Sleek, chic, and stylish!
  2. Next, decide what top you’re going to wear underneath your jacket.  Or cami in this case.. I originally had on an ivory colored one but ended up liking the black better. I’ve been in an all black mood lately!
  3. Thirdly, leather leggings, denim, spanx.. you pick!  Like I said, I’ve been into the all black lately, so it was an easy choice for me. However, I did order the black, faux leather spanx and if they were here I might have styled them with this jacket! They are fabulous! Get yourself a pair!
  4. I wanted this look to be dressy, but still somewhat casual. That’s why I went with some studded heels. I’ve been wearing my black booties and black OTK boots with everything so I figured it was time for a change! Broke the Valentinos out for a fall afternoon! They give the look just a little more sass!
  5. Lastly, accessorize!!! Add that jewelry, those sunglasses, and your favorite purse!

When I start putting outfits together this is the order I typically follow.  Even I, myself, have trouble deciding what to wear with what so I always have a starting point. Pick out one clothing piece at a time, then move onto your shoes, and end with your accessories!

Hope these few little tips will help you all! & If you ever have any outfit questions shoot them my way!

Also, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post with Henry Dry Goods! I’m going to be sharing my 5 Piece White Glove Collection!


  1. Tabitha

    November 9, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Great look! Nothing beats a sleek leather jacket for a subtle city look. Your shoes though! Absolutely gorgeous.


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