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Henry Dry Goods 5 Piece White Glove Collection

Dress | Boots | Cuff Bracelet | Watch | Lipstick

I just want to start off by saying that I am super excited about today’s post! So excited that I may or may not have shared over 35 pics with you all! But don’t worry.. I’m going step by step, bag by bag, to give you all the details that you don’t want to miss! It may be a long post, but it’s one where you’re going to want to keep scrolling!

Henry Dry Goods was founded by a gal named Sherri, here in Lexington, KY.  They are known for their classic namer, killer style, and amazing bags! I first heard of them back in the spring when my mom saw them on Instagram.  She kept swooning over the bags so I decided to get her the No.5 large cosmetic bag (last bag in this post). I went into their store and designed it with a pink trim/teal logo and gave it to her for mother’s day! She absolutely loved it.. ever since then I’ve had these bags on my wishlist!

I think I’m overly attracted to them because of they are soooo different. I mean, have you ever seen anything like them? The unique font, monogram styles, color options, coated canvas, and catch phrases are unlike anything else in this market! The moment you see them you do a double take. You have to look twice or at least I did.. and for me, if I look at something twice, that normally means I gotta have it!

To give you all a brief outline here’s some of the options you have when designing your bags:
**and note- you don’t have to buy the entire 5 piece collection. If you see a bag you like, you can purchase it individually.

  • Customize your bag exactly how you want it!
    • The canvas trim (comes in five shades of waxed canvas)
      • olive, hot pink, natural, linen, navy
    • Your monogram or initials
      • monogram- six different styles
      • full name option
    • Font
      • 6 different styles ranging from written initials to monograms
    • Color
      • canvas trim
      • monogram color

When it came to designing my collection I struggled at first. I was overwhelmed with the options because I loved all of them! No joke.. I stood in their store for over an hour and a half try to pick the color canvas trim I wanted! But like with all things in life, one decision drives another…  I ended up going with the linen trim and the rest of my choices were pretty easy…  Since the linen is a neutral shade I thought it would look great with the canvas base color. Not to mention this is a color I can carry year round and I’ll never get tired of it! For my fonts I actually mix, matched them! The three largest bags (No.1, No.2, No.3) have the William font and my two cosmetic bags (No.4 & No.5) have the Mccauley font. Personally, I like having two different font styles in my collection but some of you may prefer all your bags to match! Totally your choice! Lastly, I picked black for my monogram color. It went so well with the linen and natural canvas. The black just gave my bags a chic, classy look, that I can carry forever!

Oh & I did do my new initials.. because once I’m married, these are the bags I’ll be carrying for the rest of my life! They are investment pieces but so worth it!

Alrighty, now let’s get to it!
Keep looking through the post to see the bags up close, their details, and their size (use me as a reference!)

No. 1 Weekender
let your hair down 

You want to talk about the perfect weekender? This is it!!  I like to think of it as a duffel bag.. but a super cute one.. because it will hold everything under the sun and maybe even more! If you’re on the go a lot or like travel I suggest this bag! It will hold everything you need for a weekend getaway and you can use those outside pouches as well. The girls at Henry Dry Goods said they like to put their shoes in them! Keeps the inside of their bag and clothes from getting dirty! I’ll probably use that tip and do the same!

No.2 Carryall
live a little

This bag is also great for traveling and in person I feel like it’s even bigger than it appears! Since it’s a tote it is very easy to get in and out of it! I love carrying these types of bags because I can just throw all my stuff in it and go! You’ll notice it’s also lined with plastic!!!! finally a bag that’s easy to clean! can I get an AMEN!? That’s a feature that can turn this tote into a beach bag, workout bag, snack bag, grocery bag, laundry bag.. literally almost anything! The plastic lining is a huge win in my book! When I have kids one day I’m going to use the heck out of this cause it’s easy to wipe down!

No.3 Standard
love more

The No.3 may be another tote but I think it can even be used as a purse! I would say it’s about the size of your average tote. The girls recommended carrying it as a purse and now I can totally see why! I could easily fit my wallet, lipstick pouch, and necessities in it!  However, when I’m not using it as a purse I’ll be using it as a ‘work bag’… guess that’s what I’m going to call it! For example, I started packing last night and I stored my agenda, laptop, and wedding books, in it! Great size for things like that!

No.2 vs. No.3
Side-by-Side Comparison

I wanted to show you guys these bags beside one another so you can gauge the sizes. Depending on your preference they can both be great options. Other than their size the only other differences are the outside pockets in the No.3 and it also isn’t lined with plastic.

No.4 Small Cosmetic
be gracious to yourself

I’ll be using this cosmetic bag for my lipsticks and pill organizer, or for all my jewelry. It’s a great little bag to store in your purse or carry on the go! If you’re also needing a small gift for someone, this is the way to go! My aunt got a couple for college graduation presents!

No.5 Large Cosmetic
you wonderful, wonderful thing you

I feel like every girl in the world needs a good cosmetic bag! One you can dig in, that’s lined (for when you spill things or those bottles leak), and is stylish!  Good thing this has all those covered!  It’s truly an amazing bag!!  Thinking it just kind of speaks for itself… My mom uses hers on the reg, & I know I will be too!

And there you have it, The Five Piece White Glove Collection! I can’t say enough good things about each of these bags! They are beautifully handcrafted and designed with character! Truly a remarkable, one-of a kind!  With the holidays right around the corner these would make for some great gifts!  Maybe for your mom, grandma, aunt, mother-in-law, cousin, friend!  Can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to open one of the beauties!

If you’re considering getting one and have any questions please let me know! Also, if you’re struggling with designing your own I can maybe help with suggestions! I’m always here! Just shoot me an email at!

Hope that you guys have enjoyed today’s post, c/o Henry Dry Goods!
Thank you for stopping by!

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