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Christmas Pajamas

Pajamas Target Style  Slippers (linking a pair for only $14!)  Headboard Wayfair

It’s my favorite time of the year!!!!!!!!! I love everything about the holidays! From gift shopping, wrapping, Christmas lights, baby Jesus, The Christmas story, and our traditional Christmas eve jammies. Something about this time of the year just warms my soul! Feels so magical!

I think I shared this with you all last year, but my cousin, Kyleigh, & I always get matching PJ’s to wear to bed on Christmas Eve and open presents in on Christmas morning. Last year, we waited til last minute to pick ours out and we were left with limited options. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that this year! So I ordered these right after Black Friday to test out and wear right now. Then, last night I started shopping for some more for my cousin and I on Christmas Eve. I’ve rounded up my picks and some of the cute ones that caught my eye!  Now I need y’all’s helping deciding on which ones we should wear!

Also, how do y’all feel about matching, family pajamas?  I’m thinking about pitching that idea to my family to see what they say.. Could be a fun tradition to start, right?

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