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Southern Shirt Roundup & Vlog!

Southern Shirt Plaid Flannel Southern Shirt Wooly Southern Shirt Sherpa Vest Southern Shirt Sherpa Southern Shirt Sherpa

Plaid Flannel \\ Pink Loop Knit Terry Pullover \\  Sherpa Vest \\ Blue Sherpa \\ Zip Up Sherpa  \\  Heather Sherpa (wine color)

If you didn’t notice through my vlog and the pics, they are heavenly! Not only are they the softest things I own, they are the comfiest as well!  I feel like soft and comfy just kinda go together, especially when we are talking about these things! so that’s reason alone to ask Santa for them!

I’ve slowly been adding to my Sherpa collection over the past year. However, I’ve been a huge fan of Southern Shirt for the past two!  Everything I own from them, I love! From long sleeve tees, to vest, and terry pullovers, it really is all great! Tbh, I may own a lot of it, but that’s okay, because I definitely get my wear my out of it!

In the winter time the sherpas are my all time fav! I wear them out, when I’m lounging, on road trips, to work.. I normally always carry one with me (they provide the extra warmth haha). Then, in the summer I like to throw on the tanks to head to the pool or lake! So regardless of the season, I’ve always got SSCo in my wardrobe!
If you’re looking for a great Christmas gift, I suggest getting something from them!  They not only have a terrific women’s collection, they also haven great men’s products!  I’ve been thinking I might get C this button down or sherpa! We’ll see 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments! 
Today’s Post is c/o Southern Shirt – Huge Thank You to them!

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