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Green Tie Silk Pants

The Hottest Pants of the Season

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Happy Saturday! I originally intended to have this post up yesterday but things got a little overwhelming! I finished up work, headed back to KY (7 hr drive ughh), and went out to eat for a friends birthday last night!  Honestly, I didn’t have 10 extra minutes to sit down and get it together. However, I did want to get this look up before the holidays rolled around! Why? because these pants are like the greatest thing ever!!

This might be the first time I’ve ever featured pants like this on my blog. Actually, I think it is!  I don’t quite remember these being a thing last year, but they are super popular right now. As soon as I put them on I asked myself, “Why wear jeans when you can wear these silky things!?” I totally understand the hype about them now!

Not only are the very comfortable, they are very dressy!  If you are needing something to wear to a holiday party and you want to cover your legs.. look no further!  These are what you need. I styled the tight black top with them so I could really show off that bow detail. I think they’d look super cute with a bodysuit or a one shoulder top too!

These pants also come in a burgundy color and black!!!  Both really great options for the holidays, NYE, and winter season! They are the perfect thing to spice up your wardrobe!  As always, let me know if you have any questions!  Have a fabulous day!

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