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Holiday Look & Les Georgettes Bracelet

Sequin Skirt \\ Tank \\ Sweater \\ Earrings

I’m in the complete holiday spirit with this outfit and customizable bracelet! & since Christmas is almost here, I wanted to show you all an easy outfit to create and the perfect gift (for now or later!)

So, for the outfit!  If you’ve got a black skirt, sequin or not, this look is pretty easy! Style a tank and red cardigan with it, and you have yourself a fancy outfit!  Also, if you don’t own a white tank like the one I’m wearing I suggest getting one!  I wear mine with everything!!!! Especially this season with chunky cardigans and kimonos! I also linked one that is available in a couple different color options!

Now, we’re getting to the good part!! This bracelet! Customized to my taste and liking!
I’m wearing a Les Georgettes bracelet, Giraffe silver band, with a black background! I spent a while choosing what band I wanted/what I thought I would wear the most and this was the winner! Love how it turned out! I also really like the size of this cuff! It’s not too big nor too small! Plus it makes just the right statement.

The greatest things about these bracelets is that you get to design them to your style! You choose your band (print and finish- silver, gold) and the color of your leather. For every occasion, mood, and style, they’ve got a bracelet!
If you like giving sentimental gifts to your mom, sister, friend, aunt, cousin.. this would be perfect!  You can make them a bracelet and give them something they will cherish forever!
If they aren’t a bracelet fan, take a look at their customizable rings! They have so many great options! I even want one for myself!

As always let me know if you have any questions!
Today’s Post is c/o Les Georgettes by Altesse

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