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A Night at ‘The Kentucky Castle’

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Welcome to one of my favorite posts and all time favorite vlog, “A Night at ‘The Kentucky Castle'”.  I’m so excited to be sharing my memorable night with you all through these pics and the video I created!  I hope it gives you a glimpse inside this magical place and all the beauty it holds!

Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up driving past the castle and it remained a mystery for so many years. On the way to my soccer tournaments, as we would pass it, I would ask my parents, “What is that place? Does Cinderella live there? Is it a real castle?”  As the years went on I never knew what it was really for.. Then when I started dating C, and traveled back & forth to Lex, I started passing it again.. When him & I would drive by there he used to say, “baby, I’m going to build you a castle like that one day” (jokingly,of course.. but he truly always has made me feel like a Princess).

So anyways… at one point I thought it was an abandoned castle, then I thought, maybe it’s a winery..  who really knows what the ‘castle up on the hill’ is… I feel like so many of Kentuckians thought this way too! We never knew if it was residence or what!?

Then one day, out of the blue C sent me this message on Facebook… (& I have to share this story with you all because it’s soooo unordinary and magical!)  In that same day, I got a message on Instagram about coming to visit the castle!  Coincidence or not, what impeccable timing!?

I feel like this was just meant to be! In the same day that I discovered ‘The Castle’ was officially open, they messaged me with an invite!  Wow, does God work in mysterious ways or what!?
I immediately set up a night to tour the castle and stay!  Only C can probably tell you how excited I really was. I spent forever planning what I was going to wear, the pics I needed to take, how I wanted to create the blog, and counting down the days!  This was a big day for me!!! Finally, I was going to get to explore ‘The Castle’, after all these years of wondering!

Hopefully, through this post you all can explore it with me!
If you’re ever in the Lexington area I highly suggest you check it out!
You can book a room on or stop in/make reservations for dinner!
It’s the ultimate royalty experience, in our own backyard!

Huge, Huge Thank You to all the owners, staff, and accommodations from ‘The Kentucky Castle’
This night one was one I truly never will forget!

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