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my featured PODCAST is live!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!  There’s a slight delay in this post because I was waiting for my featured podcast to go live and I didn’t have time to get it ready last night!

But anyways… It’s live, here’s today’s post and let me just tell y’all that I am beyond excited about this!!
Last month I had the honor of being the featured guest on, ‘The Misses Ambitious Podcast’!  Kiley & Blaine (the hosts) interviewed me on all things related to #beyoutifulblog.. If you’re curious about how the blogging world works, what I do on a day to day basis, and how I got started, go check it out! There’s a lot of insight and tips! I’m also answering a couple fun questions about my self! It’s a fun interview, let me tell ya!!

Check out Misses Ambitious Podcast and tune into ‘Episode #65’ in the iTunes store!
If you give it a listen please let me know what you think!!!
Hope y’all ENJOY!!!

xoxo, T


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