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Velvet Swing Dress

Dress \\ Boots \\ Purse \\ Wrap Bracelet \\ Cuff Bracelet \\ Ring \\ Lipstick

Ending this week with my favorite, velvet swing dress, that I wore last weekend!
I was originally planning to wear a ruffled jumpsuit on NYE but I had this on from shooting and never wanted to take it off! So this was my outfit instead!
It was actually a perfect dress for date night because the velvet material gives it a dressy feel. If you look closely you’ll see some metallic gold thread too. In person, that adds a little extra glam to the look!  I love it y’all!
If you’ve got an event coming up, snag this beautiful dress! I definitely recommend it1

So I’m finishing up shooting with Red Dress today and heading back to Kentucky! I don’t have much planned. C is out of town and I have a lot of work to catch up on. Might go to cycling and then shoot on Sunday! I’ve got some fun blog posts planned… Also, for everyone who has been messaging me about my fitness routine/ diet.. stay tuned! I got a post coming for y’all next week!

Have a great weekend!

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