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Fitness Routine & Diet Q&A

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Happy Monday!!
Last week I received the most messages I’ve ever gotten about my fitness guide, workout routine, and diet!!  This post is probably long overdue and since I’ve gotten so many questions and requests I’ve spent all weekend getting this ready!

Where do I even begin? For starters, I actually don’t have a really strict workout routine or guide.  That’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I am in the gym 4-5 times a week, but as following a set schedule goes, I definitely don’t do that… Over the past two years I’ve spent a lot of time investing in my body, physical activity, endurance, and health.  I’ve learned my limits, what works for me, and how I respond to certain training. With that being said, I’ve tried out so many cardio routines, weights, classes, stretching, and etc. I’m here to tell y’all what works for me, my suggestions, and my favorite ways to get results!  (Please note: I’m no expert on this topic.. Over the years I’ve just developed a love & passion for exercising. If I can help y’all out too by sharing my secrets, that’s what I’m going to do!)

As far as eating and dieting goes, I’ve had some specific questions related to that as well! Don’t kill me when I say this, but I kind of just eat what I want! However, I’m not just eating all the time.. It’s about portion control, only eating when you’re hungry (this is key), and getting the right amount of foods in your diet!  I’ll expand more on this… just keep reading 😉

So… I figured the easiest way to get this all out is by sharing some of the top questions I’ve been asked, followed by my answer!  Forward & straight to the point!  After reading through it, if you have any more questions please send them my way!

What does your workout routine consist of? 

  • Like I said I don’t follow a really strict routine. I just try to gauge how I feel from day to day.. meaning if my body needs to recover I’ll take a day off..  gauging if my legs are up for a run, or cycling.. etc.. that kind of thing..  But to give y’all a little bit of an outline I’m going to do my best to lay out my 4-5 day workout schedule. This might give you a better glimpse on how I separate my cardio, weight lifting, and target areas. ** keep in mind, I’m trying to train for triathlon.. so I double up my cardio on some days!
    • Monday
      • Cycling (usually about 16 miles)
      • Running (2 miles) ( I always double cardio on Monday — helps me recover quick from the weekend!)
      • Arm Day (since I use my legs a lot during cardio, I switch to arms!)
        • Bench Press (10 reps – 3 sets)
        • Overheard Press
        • Bicep Curls ( 15 reps – 3 sets)
    • Tuesday
      • Running (3-4 miles)
      • Stair Climber (usually just stay on it for about 10 minutes)
      • Abs
        • my favorite ab video is 8 minute abs on youtube!
        • Weighted Sit Ups (40 reps – 3 sets)
        • Russian Twists (25 reps – 3 sets)
        • 10 lb. weighted Plank (30 secs. – 3x)
        • Side Plank (30 secs – 3x)
    • Wednesday
      • Cycling (about 16 miles)
      • Leg Day
        • Squats
        • Leg Press
        • Leg Extension
        • Calf Raises
      • Back
        • Weighted Barbell Shrug (50 lb bar)
        • Lat Pull Down
        • Row Machine
    • Thursday
      • HIIT- interval training and sprinting on the treadmill (this fluctuates your heart rate and is quickest way to burn calories)
      • Chest & Triceps
        • Chest Press (15 lb weights , 10 reps, 3 sets)
        • Tricep Dips ( I like to use the dip machine for this)
        • Tricep Extension (extension cables)
        • Dumbbell Tricep Kickback (15 lb. weights)
    • Friday
      • Light Cardio – walking uphill on treadmill, light jog, or rowing
      • Abs
        • crunch machine
        • incline sit ups
        • Flutter kicks
        • weighted standing side crunch
        • I also like to go to the Ab section in Planet fitness and use the machines targeted for my obliques
    • Saturday– Cycling Class or 3 mile run (Saturday’s are usually spent with C, family, or friends).. So if I even go to the gym I do a quick work out!  I would rather spend time with them than 1/2 my day at the gym.
    • Sunday – Rest Day (normally on my rest days I schedule a shoot! that way my body is refreshed and ready to work!)

Should I do cardio or weights?

  • I always tell girls don’t be afraid of weights!!!!!  I’ve heard all the rumors, read all the comments.. “but weights will make me gain weight”, “lifting weights will make me look bulkier”.. yeah these may be slightly true, but weight lifting is so beneficial!! When lifting weights I suggest maintaining a good diet!  If you’re straining your muscles you want to make sure you are replenishing them with the right foods, energy, and fats! This will help you recover faster, see quicker results, and give you a more toned look!
  • “According to Wharton, 10 pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20 calories”  — more muscle mass you have, more calorie you will burn.
  • If you’re looking to lose weight I suggest lifting lift lower pound weights, with lots of repetition.  This quick movement will help get your heart rate up and burn calories. Lifting weights is said to burn more calories than any other activity, depending on how you much you lift and how long you rest between sets.

Will weight lifting make me gain weight?

  • When I lift weights I will sometimes see an increase on the scale..  As long as I stay between 3 – 5 lbs. of my range I don’t worry too much. Some days I may have a higher fluid intake which increases water weight. After days of heaving lifting, when I’m sore, I’ll see an increase. From reading studies I believe this is due to the lactic acid build up.  When you lift weights you tear little fibers in your muscles. As they work to repair and gain muscle, they hold on to water and salt.. this will cause a little added weight when you step on that scale.

What type of cardio is your favorite? 

  • It use to be running… I’m one of those gals that actually really enjoys the treadmill. As long as I have a good book or show.. I’m good to go!

What is your favorite weight machine? 

  • The lat pull down!!!! I do it almost every time I go to the gym… yeah I know that’s probably not a good thing, but it’s my favorite for a reason.

How do I get abs/ work on my stomach?

  • Ok y’all.. now I’m about to get real.. So when we shot this post my abs didn’t really look very good…. that was due to the ice cream I had the night before and toaster strudel I ate before the shoot.  But to be completely honest, some days my abs will look more toned, some days it looks like I don’t even have any!  This is the one area I struggle with because abs are 90% what you eat, 10% what you do in the gym (or at least that’s what I read somewhere!) I have the type of body where what I eat depends on the results I see.. especially when it comes to my stomach area! My suggestion to y’all is keep on crunching!!  It takes a lot of time and work to see results in your stomach area!  First you must shred fat, build muscle and maintain a healthy diet. If you’re like me, one of the first places you gain weight is your stomach.  I can always tell after a week of bad eating or minimal exercise because my stomach feels more bloated.  Whenever I start eating right (veggies, less sugar, more protein), I can immediately see a difference in my torso!
  • Once you get into weight lifting, all the olympic lifts will help tone your abs!  Your core strength is a huge part of all your exercises and lifting.

I’ve noticed you go to cycling a lot, do you like it? Does cycling really burn as many calories as cardio? 

  • In my opinion, cycling burns more calories!!!!! Call me crazy, but I sweat 10x more in cycling than I do running. I’m not for sure if that’s because my body has adapted to running and cycling gives it a different boost. Either way, I would recommend to anyone! Remember, it’s all about what works for your type of body!

Do you use any fitness apps?

  • I prefer my Fitbit app over everything! I have the basic fitbit but it keeps track of everything I need. I also use the Fitbit scale. I love how it syncs my weight and keeps it all recorded! I can look back over the past 2 years and see my weight fluctuations.
  • When it comes to running, I like to use the Nike Run App.
  • Cycling- I got a new bike for Christmas and I attached the Garmin to it!
  • Go365 (I use this for points when going to gym or working out. If you have HUMANA insurance check it out!)
  • MyFitnesspPal- In my opinion this is the best app to use if you want to count your calories or total up your meals!
  • Should I try BBG, Sweat with Kayla?? I’ve heard so many great things about it!

How did you prep for your swim shoot with RDB? (cut carbs or anything different like that than normal)?

  • I joke with my boss all the time and always tell her, “give me a weeks notice before we shoot swimsuits.” You’d be surprise what your body can do in a week with a healthy diet and workout routine!  As far as cutting carbs go, I don’t really ever do that… Carbs are what give me my energy since my protein intake is so low.. I just try to eat small, healthy snacks throughout the day before I go shoot. That keeps my metabolism going and energy up.
  • A little off topic, but before I competed in the Miss Kentucky pageant I also used preparation H on my stomach. I read where this is supposed to extract excess water from swollen blood vessels… so if you’ve ever got an event where you stomach is key, maybe try rubbing preparation H on it. Could help add a little extra definition.

What do you eat on a daily basis? 

  • I don’t eat much meat. Actually hardly any. I may have chicken once or twice a week.. but other than that, I rarely have a lot of protein in my diet. That’s why I fuel my energy off peanut butter, sunflower butter, almond butter, and mixed nuts.
  • Almost 5-6 days out of the week I eat a banana and peanut butter. Sometimes I put it on honey wheat bread, other times I’ll roll it in a tortilla shell.
  • When Clint is around we typically eat out.  From time to time I like to cook, but since we are so busy it’s really hard for me to find time.  Hoping once things settle down and we move into a new house I’ll start cooking more.. Really looking forward to a bigger kitchen 😉
  • I like to munch on chocolate animal crackers and goldfish..  (I promise not all my food is healthy!)
  • Almost every night I indulge in something sweet. Whether it’s a couple M&M’s, a piece of dark chocolate, a pinch of cookie dough, or a mini dove piece (60 calories). I like to treat myself.. cause what’s a life worth living if we can’t eat what we really love!?

What do you eat before you work out? 

  • Typically, I normally don’t eat before I work out.. Occasionally I might grab a CLIF bar or banana, but I prefer working out on an empty stomach. Especially when running.
  • It’s also been proven when you work out on an empty stomach you tap into more of your fat cells for energy!!!!  It’s called morning fasting and in return you should lose excess fat quicker!  Honestly, I think this is one of the main reasons I stay so fit.. but that’s just me! your body may respond totally different.
  • Before a big run (6 – 8 mile) I normally eat a 100 calorie granola bar.  It’s a small enough amount to keep me going and doesn’t cause my stomach to get squeamish.

What’s in your fridge?

  • Well to be quite honest, I’ve been traveling so much, it’s been hard to keep my fridge stocked. I do have a couple key things that C & I like to keep in there.
    • (jelly for PB sandwiches – DUH!)
    • Yogurt (helps my digestive system)
    • Peanut Butter ( I keep some in the fridge and some in the pantry depending on the stir contents)
    • Applesauce unsweetened
    • Quinoa Queen – I became addicted to these after I tried them on a Delta flight. This is a great snack with carrots!
    • Fruit (we switch it up)
    • Orange Juice ( I prefer pulp lol)
    • Cheese & Wine (for a snack on date night)
    • Flavored Water (I prefer lemon. If you drink a glass when you first wake up it’s suppose to boost your metabolism)

Do you take any supplements? 

  • Women’s Ripped Vitapack from GNC. I will take these for a month. Lay off of them for a month, then start again!  I don’t recommend jumping right into these. They have some weird side effects.. jitteriness, stomach queasy, and rapid breathing.. It takes a while for your body to adjust to these. Before starting the pack I would try the Women’s Metabolism Vitamin from GNC.  Then ease your way into these vita packs.
  • BCAA’s – I use to add a scoop of these to my water all the time.  Lately, I haven’t been carrying it with me when I travel so I kind of fell off the wagon.  However, this is great supplement to keep your body between an anabolic and catabolic state (promotes weight loss, enhances muscular strength without depleting your muscles).
  • Culturelle Probitoics (help maintain my digestive system)
  • Melatonin- On days I work out extremely hard I normally pop a 5 mg melatonin at night. This helps me sleep better.

Hopefully I’ve answered most of your questions and covered a variety of different topics. As always, if you’re curious about anything in todays post and want some more info, shoot me an email or instagram message! Please note that this post is just full of recommendations and my personal thoughts on each subject!  It’s important to pay attention to what works for you body and where you see the most results! I’ve spent hours on hours researching, reading, testing ( trial & error) just about everything under the sun when it comes to fitness.. I’ve shared some facts through out the post that I’ve picked up on when studying workouts, diets, and exercises. Take it for what it’s worth!!   & remember, as long as you’re doing a physical activity, whether its once a week, 10 minutes a day, or twice a month, that counts!! Find your balance in everything – exercise, eating habits, lifestyle changes, motivation, and day to day confidence!

We’re all beYOUtiful in our own ways! In & outside of the gym!

p.s.- tomorrow I’m going to be sharing a Vlog on light therapy and how it’s helped my body!  Make sure y’all tune into that!!  It kind of goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle!


  1. Tabitha

    January 8, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    Interesting read! I’m always in awe at how ripped you are. I just find going to the gym so boring lol! I find that I do better in workout classes, zumba is my favorite. I have a true dancer’s body so I while my lower body is muscular my upper body (shoulders and arms) are always the weakest points. I have no clue how you can’t eat before working out! I have to eat a ton of protein before workouts otherwise I’ll pass out, I just find not eating before burning calories is dangerous.


  2. Hannah

    January 10, 2018 at 6:39 am

    What brand of BCAAs do you use?

    Loved the post!

    1. tlstuen

      January 10, 2018 at 2:22 pm

      I use the BPI brand!

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