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Light Therapy

Thank you for tuning into the newest Vlog and learning more about Light Therapy!
To expand further from the video, I’m going to round up some key facts about light therapy, it’s major benefits, and why I love my 6 port system!

In Light Medical Mission Statement: Design, manufacture and deliver the finest LED Polychromatic Light Energy Systems in any marketplace while supporting our distribution network and serving our customers with consistency, integrity and respect.

  • LED Light Therapy is FDA cleared to reduce your pain through increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation, utilizing 3 different wavelengths and many frequencies.
  • Light therapy affects our bodies in much the same way that natural sunlight does. Low-level light wavelengths activate a natural healing processes, helping the body heal itself.
  • When using these systems there are no over-the-counter painkillers, no side effects, and no invasive treatments.
  • Each of the lights have different wavelengths that trigger our bodies cellular functions.
    • Blue light therapy: Contains antimicrobial properties, making it useful for skin care and wound healing.
    • Red light therapy: Triggers an increase in circulation.
    • Infrared light therapy: Reaches deeper tissues like muscle, tendons and ligaments
  • I like my 6 port system because I can use multiple pads at a time!
  • Major Benefits
    • Face Mask – helps decrease acne and key my skin feeling smooth
    • Helps soothe aching muscles and pain
    • Decrease inflammation
    • Supports my digestive system

If you’re looking to test, rent, or purchase a system please contact PJ Cardona with Lights and Health, Inc. 
And if you have any other questions or concerns, send me an email at!

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