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2 Ways to Clean your Makeup Brushes

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I’ve been trying to branch out with my blog posts this year and share some things other than just clothes & #wiw… One thing that’s been on my list for a while now is sharing ‘how I clean my makeup brushes’

This post actually came at the perfect time because last night, when I got into my hometown, I stopped at my grandparents. Kid you not, as soon as I walked in I saw her makeup cleaner on the counter. I said, “oh have you used it yet Mamaw.”  She said, “no.. I can’t figure that silly thing out!”  She’s in luck.. #1 because I was there to help her. #2 because she can now watch my vlog when she forgets! Hoping this helps y’all out too!

So here’s some tips when it comes to using these:

  • If I’m doing a deep clean of all my brushes I prefer to use the electric cleaner and the glove. I’ll use the electric cleaner to dip my brush in first. The spinning motion is what really helps sling off all that dirt and build up.. then when I take the brush out of the bowl, I’ll wipe it again on my cleaning glove.  Using both tools and doubling up the cleanse!
  • Another way I sometimes use my glove is over the sink, with the water running. If you really soak those brushes, they’ll get super clean!
  • I prefer the Sephora Brand Brush Cleaner. It’s citrus smell is sooo good & it’s affordable!  Just spray it on your glove and the rub your brush through it. If you’re using the electric cleaner, pour a little into the bowl (I mix mine with water too).
  • I try to clean my brushes every other week depending on how much I use them.

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