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GNO at the movies!

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In high school I worked at the movies! I sold tickets, popped popcorn, swept the floors.. I pretty much did it all. And to be quite honest, I loved it! Not only did I get to take popcorn home every night, I got to watch almost every movie that came out. I slowly became obsessed with making sure I saw them all and never missed one! When I couldn’t catch them on break or after work, my dad and I always scheduled times to go see them! It was ‘our thing’. Daddy, daughter movie dates.. I miss those.. gosh, I feel old.

Anyways, from the moment Shea and I got to the beach we said we were going to take some time to ourselves. I mentioned going to see “Forever My Girl” and she was like yassss! We both asked our men if they wanted to go see if with us when it came out but they weren’t feeling it. Which is understandable.. it’s more of a chick flick.. So, we planned a GNO and agreed it was going to be the 2 hours we put our phones down and just relaxed.

Turns out we couldn’t get away from blogging.. I had to turn our night into a blog post.
Here, I am writing the post and sharing some fun pics of y’all!

We liked the movie.. didn’t love it, but really did like it! We were in the mood for a cheesy, romance film and that’s what we got! I texted my high school friend after she saw it and she recommended it for us! It’s a cute one to go see with all your gals! We laughed and cried throughout it.. perfect for a beach, girls night out!

Next up, I’m going to see 50 shades.. do y’all have any other recommendations!?

p.s.- who eats chocolate with their popcorn!? After typing this post I’m craving that salty, sweet combo!

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  1. Tabitha

    January 29, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    It sounds like y’all had such a fun time! Now I can’t stand chick flicks or romance movies but I love a good night with friends at the movies.


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