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My Fav Orange Beach Spot

Top Target  |  Shorts JCrew  |  Shoes Steve Madden  | Sunglasses RayBan  | Earrings Lisi Lerch

Which style do you prefer? A smock top or a bell sleeve one!?  Preferably, how could you say no to either!? I snagged this adorable shirt, from Target, when I was down on vacation. SheaLeigh told me I had to have!! I was like, “Yeah, you’re right, I definitely do.”  I was super excited about sharing it and linking for you all but now I can’t find it online. That’s happened to me 3 times now.. I’ve went to to get the links for a swimsuit, dress, and top, and they are no where to be found! I apologize… Maybe if you hit up you’re local Target they will have it in store!

Aside from my outfit, I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite restaurants in Orange Beach, Alabama. It’s C’s favorite and now SheaLeigh’s favorite too!  Welcome to, THE GULF!  Holy moly, when I say they have the best hummus and pita chips, the best fish tacos, and the most unbelievable fresh cut fries, believe me.. they really do!!  If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend you trying it out! C likes their mahi mahi and grouper sandwiches. SheaLeigh likes their burgers.. to each is their own 😉 But they have it all on the menu!

Not only do they have great food and great service, their patio/sitting area is the coolest, chicest spot around Orange Beach. Their outdoor area is filled with bar seating, picnic tables, sand plots, and a balcony that overlooks the restaurant/gulf! I love the food, but I love the atmosphere even more! It reminds of something you would find in Cali but even better!

p.s.- If you like mojitos like me, they make a mean blueberry one! soooo yummy!

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